Brussels Weaponises Migration Against Belarus

Above: Refugees deal with barbed wire fences, with Polish security forces on the other side. 28-11-2021: The once famed humanitarianism of Europe towards those seeking safe sanctuary appears to have vanished into thin air. In the last two months, thousands of refugees predominantly from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan have attempted to reach Germany through Belarus and Poland. The Polish security forces, however, have … Continue reading Brussels Weaponises Migration Against Belarus

It’s a Shutdown, not a “Pandemic” 10-10-2021: The dictum of “two weeks to flatten the curve” has to go down as one of the biggest whoppers in history, right up there with the lie that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” in 2003. We are now approaching two years of political repression – lockdowns, facemask and vaccine mandates, tracking and tracing, border closures etc. – based on increasingly hysterical shrieking … Continue reading It’s a Shutdown, not a “Pandemic”

Theses on Lockdowns and Political Tasks for Socialists

Adopted by the Workers League  29-12-2020 1.After almost a year of lockdowns imposed by the ruling classes of the West, it is becoming more and more clear to many workers that the lies used to justify brutal totalitarian measures will continue throughout 2021. It is no longer credible, if it ever was, that the world is faced with a deadly plague which threatens humanity. This … Continue reading Theses on Lockdowns and Political Tasks for Socialists

Navalny “Poisoning”: One False Flag Begets Another

Navalny “Poisoning”: One False Flag Begets Another 06-09-2020 – If we were to believe the Western press, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the poisoning of the main opposition leader Alexei Navalny to knock out a rival, to ensure his rule continues. Cue another round of corporate media hue and cry about “human rights” in Russia, leading to another round of sanctions, flowing on to even … Continue reading Navalny “Poisoning”: One False Flag Begets Another

Belarus: Covid-19 Colour Revolution

Belarus: Covid-19 Colour Revolution 20-08-2020: As sure as night follows day, any government which retains a shred of independence from the Anglo/US/EU Empire will, sooner or later, be targeted for regime change. In order to overthrow the recalcitrant government, the West will orchestrate an invasion, a war, or a colour revolution utilising faux “human rights” and “democracy” rhetoric. The colour revolution now besieging Belarus is … Continue reading Belarus: Covid-19 Colour Revolution