Free Novak Djokovic! Abolish Vaccine Mandates!

Above: Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one ranked male tennis player. 09-01-2022: At the time of writing, the Australian federal government lost a bid to delay the court case launched by Novak Djokovic’s legal team, which would allow him to remain in Australia and play at the Australian Open.[1] Novak Djokovic is the world’s number one male tennis player, and has been at the … Continue reading Free Novak Djokovic! Abolish Vaccine Mandates!

The SEP in the Covid Era: A Post-Mortem By Thomas Buddenbrook A. The Heritage We (No Longer) Defend. “Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls. It Tolls for Thee” — John Donne. The history of the revolutionary socialist movement has been periodically punctuated by crises, during which a good number of socialist leaders swing over to the side of imperialism. All the while, they still claim to support the furtherance of socialism. … Continue reading The SEP in the Covid Era: A Post-Mortem

End Vaccine Genocide! 27-12-2021: The numbers are piling up. Those suffering an adverse reaction to any of the Covid-19 vaccines, from sickness through to outright death, should at the least serve as a deadly warning to humanity. Whether the Covid-19 shots are referred to as vaccines or injections (as the “vaccine” does not confer immunity to “Covid” at all), what is occurring is arguably history’s most diabolical … Continue reading End Vaccine Genocide!

Close the Covid Camps!

Above: Image from the Howard Springs “quarantine centre” in the Northern Territory (NT), Australia. 14-12-2021: In early December, three Aboriginal teenage boys aged 15,16 and 17 escaped and attempted to flee the Howard Springs Covid quarantine camp in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). Despite testing negative to Covid the previous day, NT police immediately conducted a manhunt, recaptured them – and had the option to fine … Continue reading Close the Covid Camps!

Solomon Islands: Washington Fuels Anti-China Riots

Above: Parts of Honiara were set ablaze during riots in November. Image from 06-12-2021: Deadly anti-China mayhem flared in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara in late November. Three people were killed, as police found charred bodies in a burnt out building in the city’s Chinatown district. Over 100 were arrested after days of rioting and looting.[1] The rioters target was clearly China, but they … Continue reading Solomon Islands: Washington Fuels Anti-China Riots

Brussels Weaponises Migration Against Belarus

Above: Refugees deal with barbed wire fences, with Polish security forces on the other side. 28-11-2021: The once famed humanitarianism of Europe towards those seeking safe sanctuary appears to have vanished into thin air. In the last two months, thousands of refugees predominantly from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan have attempted to reach Germany through Belarus and Poland. The Polish security forces, however, have … Continue reading Brussels Weaponises Migration Against Belarus

Why the Anti-Mandate Movement Should Not Heckle Socialists By Thomas Buddenbrook In August, at one of our rallies at City Hall, one of the speakers, a recently fired because un-vaxxed teacher, introduced himself as a socialist–and was roundly heckled by many in the audience. At many of our rallies, official stooges like Biden and DeBlasio are portrayed as “Marxists” wearing Che Guevara T-shirts. We read posts by conservative leaders of the movement … Continue reading Why the Anti-Mandate Movement Should Not Heckle Socialists

Fake Government Fuels Terrorism in Myanmar

Above: The national flags of the People’s Republic of China (PRC – left) and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (right). Imperialism seeks to block co-operation between China and Myanmar using any means including civil war type provocations. Image from 23-11-2021: According the Western corporate media, the South-East Asian country of Myanmar had its democratic elections overturned on February 1, when the military … Continue reading Fake Government Fuels Terrorism in Myanmar

Hands Off the Unvaxed!

16-11-2021: Apartheid. There is no other word which describes the plan by the Queensland government to lock out unvaccinated patrons from a whole range of venues from December 17. Anyone who wishes to attend some public events will need to display a Covid vaccine certificate on the “QLD App” – or be denied entry. The list of public places the unvaccinated can be excluded from … Continue reading Hands Off the Unvaxed!

Australian Totalitarianism: The Yield of Left Betrayal

Above: Melbourne residents march against the permanent “pandemic” powers, raising the slogan “Kill the Bill”. Image from 12-11-2021: The moniker of “Dictator Dan” is more real than ironic. Labor Party Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently tabled legislation which shreds the fragmentary remains of liberal democracy in Australia. Dictator Dan’s almost lawless rule of Victoria meant that the capital of Melbourne spent more days in … Continue reading Australian Totalitarianism: The Yield of Left Betrayal