Release the Aussie Cossack!

07-03-2022: The Australian government is out of control, and its actions are fanning the flames of World War III. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) federal government has now imposed more than 1000 sanctions on Russia, in support of NATO’s proxy war via Ukraine. On February 24, the Australian government announced further sanctions and travel bans on 90 persons and 40 entities in Russia. These include … Continue reading Release the Aussie Cossack!

Thailand Could Move to Nullify Pfizer Contracts

11-02-2023: Thailand could be the first country to nullify contracts, and potentially seek billions of dollars in compensation, from Big Pharma corporation Pfizer over the supply of Covid mRNA vaccines.[1] This development comes to light after Thailand’s Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of the Thai King, collapsed while jogging with her dogs, with some reports stating she had a heart attack. King Vajiralongkorn reportedly flew … Continue reading Thailand Could Move to Nullify Pfizer Contracts

All Out Against War on Feb.19!

06-02-2023: NATO’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine is once again being ramped up. The latest announcements from the West are shipments of tanks which will supposedly beat back the “meatgrinder” they are being put through by Russia’s methodical military operation to secure the Donbass in the east of Ukraine. After weeks of relentless pressure from European Union (EU) and US “allies”, the German government … Continue reading All Out Against War on Feb.19!

The Struggle Against Multiple Theatres of War

28-01-2023: The world is at war. There is one war being waged, in multiple theatres. Imperialism is waging a war for regime change against Russia and China primarily, but also against any and all governments that may not toe the line of Washington and London, or may even be on board with the agenda of the “Great Reset”. Included in this agenda is the Covid … Continue reading The Struggle Against Multiple Theatres of War

China Struck by Covid Backlash

09-01-2023: In an act of outrageous, even racist, discrimination, around a dozen predominantly Western governments have placed Covid restrictions on travellers entering their country from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Most of these measures include a demand for proof of a negative Covid test prior to departure, with some demanding this within two days prior to entry. Such countries currently include: the USA, Britain, … Continue reading China Struck by Covid Backlash

Bestrijd Aanvallen op Onkosten van Levensbestaan!

Verklaring van de Arbeidersbond 28-12-2022: Het jaar 2023 doemt onheilspellend op boven de hoofden van arbeidende bevolkingen in het Westen. Na twee solide jaren van stormaanvallen onder het mom van een frauduleuze “pandemie”, zullen de onkosten van basis levensonderhoud omhoog blijven schieten, waardoor miljoenen meer nog meer in wanhoop, armoede terechtkomen en zelfs in mogelijke dood. Dit komt bovenop cijfers van degenen die gevaarlijke verwondingen oplopen of … Continue reading Bestrijd Aanvallen op Onkosten van Levensbestaan!

Fight the Cost of Living Attacks!

STATEMENT OF THE WORKERS LEAGUE 28-12-2022: The year 2023 looms ominously over the heads of working people in the West. After two solid years of assault under the guise of a fraudulent “pandemic”, basic costs of living are set to skyrocket, sending millions more into despair, destitution and possibly death. This is on top of those who are suffering perilous injuries or perishing outright from … Continue reading Fight the Cost of Living Attacks!

Wieambilla Shootings: Tragic Incident or False Flag?

Above: The Wieambilla property in Western Queensland where it is alleged a police ambush took place. 20-12-2022: By accident or by design, rural Western Queensland has become a scene of what is reported by the mainstream media (MSM) to be an execution of police officers going about their daily duties. Their version of events is that Constables Matthew Arnold (26) and Rachel McCrow (29) were … Continue reading Wieambilla Shootings: Tragic Incident or False Flag?

Dictator Dan “Re-Elected” in Victoria

Above: Anti-lockdown protesters in Victoria demand the sacking of Dan Andrews. 05-12-2022: If we are to believe what we are being told, Dictator Dan Andrews in the Australian state of Victoria has been re-elected after the November 26 polling day with an increased majority. The Victorian election “results” appeared to follow the pattern of the Australian Federal election in May, which was “won” by the … Continue reading Dictator Dan “Re-Elected” in Victoria

Election Fraud: A New Normal for the Liberal World Order

21-11-2022: There is little so sacrosanct for what the mainstream media refers to as “democracy” than a parliamentary election. Candidates stand, backed by large or small parties, or as independents, and vie for hearts and minds of the masses, imploring them to place them in power. For over a hundred years, the various ruling classes of many countries in the West had no reason or … Continue reading Election Fraud: A New Normal for the Liberal World Order