Election Fraud: A New Normal for the Liberal World Order

21-11-2022: There is little so sacrosanct for what the mainstream media refers to as “democracy” than a parliamentary election. Candidates stand, backed by large or small parties, or as independents, and vie for hearts and minds of the masses, imploring them to place them in power. For over a hundred years, the various ruling classes of many countries in the West had no reason or … Continue reading Election Fraud: A New Normal for the Liberal World Order

CDC Drives a Covid Mandate for Children

31-10-2022: In a little publicised move, 15 members of the US based CDC’s (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) advisory committee (ACIP) recently voted unanimously to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the agency’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) program.[1] This means that if US states follow CDC edicts, the Covid vaccine would be a mandatory requirement alongside other vaccines required for a child’s entry into public … Continue reading CDC Drives a Covid Mandate for Children

Charles III : Not My King!

20-09-2022: The ascension of the Charles III to the throne in England after the death of Queen Elizabeth II presents Australian workers with an anachronistic folly. Constitutionally, Charles as King will be installed as the head of state. While it is true that this is largely a titular role, the King as head of the constitutional monarchy of Australia does have the power to dismiss … Continue reading Charles III : Not My King!

“Dark Brandon” Targets Internal Dissent, Again

08-09-2022: US President Joe Biden’s speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on the first of September sounds an ominous warning to those who voice disagreement with the Democrats’ increasingly unhinged political agenda. There was little mistaking the intent of the displayed anger of “Dark Brandon” (a play on words from the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan, which covered for the real crowd chant of “F**k Joe Biden”). … Continue reading “Dark Brandon” Targets Internal Dissent, Again

A Silent Slaughter

01-09-2022: It is a villainy which dares not speak its name. Those who did not fall for the Covid “pandemic” narrative know very well what is occurring. Others who retain some notion of a circulating pathogen, but could not fully explain the draconian political and social repression which came with most government led actions in its name, are gradually confronting the sheer horror of what … Continue reading A Silent Slaughter

Which Way Forward for the Freedom Movement?

STATEMENT OF THE WORKERS LEAGUE 30-07-2022: The Freedom Movement faces a fork in the road. After the horrific lockdowns have been lifted, and odious vaccine mandates in some places have been withdrawn, the outlook is somewhat altered from the political shock of brutal Covid repression circa 2020-21. While freedom fighters bravely and heroically resisted by building and sustaining arguably the largest movement in Western political … Continue reading Which Way Forward for the Freedom Movement?

A Struggle for Abortion Rights?

08-07-2022: When is a campaign for reproductive rights for women not so in reality?  When it is a foil for the latest political manoeuvre of the Empire, that’s when. Towards the end of June, the US Supreme Court overturned almost 50 years of federal abortion rights during the first two trimesters, by reversing the historic Roe vs Wade ruling of 1973. Almost half of US … Continue reading A Struggle for Abortion Rights?

Stop the Global “Pandemic” Treaty!

28-05-2022: Scarcely covered by the world’s corporate media, the World Health Assembly (WHA) of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to allegedly address pressing health issues facing the global population.[1] In reality, the WHO is being used as a false front for imperialism to resume its assault on working people under the guise of humanitarianism. In response to the fraudulent … Continue reading Stop the Global “Pandemic” Treaty!

Socialism: The Only Real Road to Liberty!

Pamphlet by Socialists for Medical Freedom I. Genuine socialists not guilty of the Great Reset Often we have heard speakers in our movement here in New York decry the “socialists”, “Communists,” and “Marxists.” When one of us, a recently fired teacher from NY Teachers for Choice, identified himself as a “socialist,” he was roundly booed. Supposedly, we are stripping you of our common liberties. We’re … Continue reading Socialism: The Only Real Road to Liberty!

Covid and the Blurred Line between Democracy and Fascism

06-05-2022: The years 2020 and 2021 have been permanently marked as the years in which political repression under the guise of “Covid” was most pronounced. What were purported to be “public health measures” were all but cover for a civil war waged by the wealthiest ruling classes in history against workers and the oppressed. The shutdown of whole sections of world economies was patently not … Continue reading Covid and the Blurred Line between Democracy and Fascism