Deliberate Food Shortages?

13-05-2022: Across the last several months, there have been a procession of food processing plants across the United States of America (US) mysteriously catching fire. Food processing plants in the states of Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and more have been burned to the ground. So far, 18 food factories are now a pile of ashes.[1] One might say, the US is a big place, and … Continue reading Deliberate Food Shortages?

Collapse – the Economic Situation in Turkey

By Ibrahim Ipek According to the official statistics published by TURKSTAT, inflation hovered around 70% in April 2022. But this information is misleading. With all kinds of calculation games, the inflation rate is shown in two digits. The actual inflation is 3 digits.  As for the employment rate, it is 45% on average, and unemployment has been around 13% since January. Turkey here competes with … Continue reading Collapse – the Economic Situation in Turkey

Black Rock, The Vanguard Group: Who Owns Planet Covid? 21-01-2022: Despite the variegated views and philosophical outlooks of the component parts of the freedom movement, most shades of it would agree that the Covid “pandemic” is largely a rhetorical and ideological cover both for political repression and for the one of the largest wealth transfers in history. Just during 2020, the wealth of the world’s billionaires rose to $10.2 trillion, while millions of … Continue reading Black Rock, The Vanguard Group: Who Owns Planet Covid?

Abolish the Coronavirus Commission!

Abolish the Coronavirus Commission! 14-06-2020: The fake coronavirus pandemic has now spawned its own fake coronavirus government. Unfortunately, the entirely appointed National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) is all too real. Unelected by anyone, and unaccountable to the federal (or any) parliament, the NCCC is yet another example of the blatant disregard for even a pretence of democracy that the ruling class exhibits from time to … Continue reading Abolish the Coronavirus Commission!

No to House Arrest! Resist Martial Law!

No to House Arrest!  Resist Martial Law! 12-04-2020: Australia, the US and Europe stand on the precipice of “medical” martial law. Fascistic lockdowns which effectively amount to house arrest are in place, enforced by a beefed-up police presence, who are monitoring and controlling workers with measures that in any other circumstance would trigger a township rebellion. Western governments have not only shredded basic rights but … Continue reading No to House Arrest! Resist Martial Law!

No Virus Recession!

No Virus Recession!   26-03-2020 – Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, the civil and democratic rights of working people are fast becoming collateral damage. Australia’s Prime Minister yesterday announced the closure of pubs, clubs, gymnasiums, indoor sporting venues, cinemas and places of worship, and warned that these closures could be in place for six months.[1]  PM Scott Morrison feigned to apologise for the workers who would … Continue reading No Virus Recession!

‘Change the Rules’ or Elect the Labor Party?

05-05-2018 – It is not a grand statement to make to acknowledge that wages and conditions for workers in Australia have never been at the state they are now. Outright wage theft is rampant, from small business to large scale private and public sectors. The right to strike, an elementary condition without which the line between the modern workers and slavery is blurred, is all … Continue reading ‘Change the Rules’ or Elect the Labor Party?

Catalonia: The Affluent “Revolution”

15-10-2017 – When is a revolution not a revolution? Amongst other things, it is when it is led by wealthy industrialists and conservative politicians, and when it is not supported by a majority of its people. Witness Catalonia today. All manner of misguided left parties and those who take a progressive political stand generally have been taken in by this movement for separatist independence of … Continue reading Catalonia: The Affluent “Revolution”

Change the Rules or Change the System?

Change the Rules or Change the System? 07-10-2017 – Australian workers are enduring wave after wave of an ongoing onslaught against their wages and conditions. It is not just penalty rates either. The Union movement has arguably never faced such governmental restriction on what was previously regarded as lawful activity. The right to organise a Union, the right of Union officials to meet with members … Continue reading Change the Rules or Change the System?

Jobs Not Casinos! Housing not Hotels! Public not Private!

22-04-2017 – The Queens Wharf Mega Casino and luxury hotel “development”, in the middle of Brisbane city, has begun its seven year construction period. Nine hectares of previously public land is fenced off, with the demolition of previously state owned buildings set to begin. All of this is to make way for not only 2500 poker machines, but an unlimited number of traditional and electronic … Continue reading Jobs Not Casinos! Housing not Hotels! Public not Private!