US Sanctions Push Lebanon To The Brink

Above: Part of the gun battle in the streets of Beirut on October 14, where Hezbollah supporters defended themselves from suspected Lebanese Forces (LF) sniper fire. Image from 24-10-2021: In August, the United Nations (UN) warned that reliable fuel and electricity sources needed to be restored in Lebanon to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. Its largest hospitals have reduced their operations due to the shortages, … Continue reading US Sanctions Push Lebanon To The Brink

Land Forces 2021: No to War on China!

Above: Map showing US military bases encircling the People’s Republic of China (PRC) 25-04-2021: The threat of war in the Asia-Pacific looms as large as it ever has in 2021. Or should we say, the Indo Asia Pacific. The language emanates from the highest levels of Washington’s war machine, which operates a number of “Commands” in regions across the globe to maintain the US Empire. … Continue reading Land Forces 2021: No to War on China!

Lebanon: Colour Revolution Phase 3

Lebanon: Colour Revolution Phase 3 14-08-2020: On August 4, a massive explosion ripped apart Beirut, killing at least 100 people and injuring thousands. The blast was so powerful it was heard by Lebanese people 80 kilometres away in the southern city of Nabatieh, and by those on the Syrian border.[1] The port where it took place was all but destroyed. Several different stories began circulating … Continue reading Lebanon: Colour Revolution Phase 3

Lebanon: Colour Revolution Redux

Lebanon: Colour Revolution Redux 08-05-2020: The fake Coronavirus pandemic now comes with its first fake Coronavirus revolution. Lebanon’s colour revolution is driven by the same reactionary forces plundering the planet under the false pretext of saving it from a pathogen. For this, there are some dead giveaways. Firstly, if your “revolution” is backed by the US state department, invariably it is a counter-revolution – or … Continue reading Lebanon: Colour Revolution Redux

Colour Revolution Stalks Lebanon

Colour Revolution Stalks Lebanon 10-11-2019 – Lebanon has the distinction of being one state where almost all domestic issues are automatically international. Any political movement which arises there is automatically intertwined with the Middle East and further afield. The protests sweeping through Lebanon over the past four weeks are no exception. While the catalyst was ostensibly a “WhatsAppTax” – a tax applied to phone app … Continue reading Colour Revolution Stalks Lebanon