Labor and the Far Left help Nazis grow in Australia

Above: Nazis rally at Parliament House in Melbourne on May 13, 2023. Their banner reads “Living Space for Whites Stop Immigration”. Labor and the Far Left help Nazis grow in Australia By Lorraine Pratley (This article was written by the above author for Real Left Australia) Yesterday, Saturday 13 May, I witnessed the fracas between the fascist National Socialist Network, CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) and … Continue reading Labor and the Far Left help Nazis grow in Australia

For Justice Not Tokenism!

23-01-2023: As Invasion Day (January 26 or “Australia Day”) is marked around the country, the debate on the rights of Indigenous people is overshadowed by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Federal Government’s proposal to amend the Constitution to establish an “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice”. This proposal is best described as token, patronising and even insulting. If approved by referendum, three sentences will be … Continue reading For Justice Not Tokenism!

Hands Off the Unvaxed!

16-11-2021: Apartheid. There is no other word which describes the plan by the Queensland government to lock out unvaccinated patrons from a whole range of venues from December 17. Anyone who wishes to attend some public events will need to display a Covid vaccine certificate on the “QLD App” – or be denied entry. The list of public places the unvaccinated can be excluded from … Continue reading Hands Off the Unvaxed!

Australian Totalitarianism: The Yield of Left Betrayal

Above: Melbourne residents march against the permanent “pandemic” powers, raising the slogan “Kill the Bill”. Image from 12-11-2021: The moniker of “Dictator Dan” is more real than ironic. Labor Party Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently tabled legislation which shreds the fragmentary remains of liberal democracy in Australia. Dictator Dan’s almost lawless rule of Victoria meant that the capital of Melbourne spent more days in … Continue reading Australian Totalitarianism: The Yield of Left Betrayal

No Forced Booster Shots! 12-09-2021: The endless corporate media propaganda barrage of “Get Vaccinated!” has persuaded many to line up for Covid shots, whether or not they believe it is the right thing to do. Many figure it will get the government off my back, I will be able to travel, I won’t be excluded from supermarkets, restaurants, sporting and cultural events – I will just “get it … Continue reading No Forced Booster Shots!

Myanmar: “Anti-Coup” Incendiaries Unleash Terror

Above: Defenders of Myanmar rally with banners and flags in Yangon on February 25, 2021. Image from 29/06/2021: According to Western corporate media, the military forces of Myanmar (Tatmadaw) made false claims of electoral fraud with the results of the 2020 November 8 election, and carried out a coup on February 2 2021, restoring military rule. Apparently in response, hundreds of thousands across Myanmar … Continue reading Myanmar: “Anti-Coup” Incendiaries Unleash Terror

Palestine: Zionist State Massacre in Gaza 30-05-2021: The death toll from the latest round of Israeli state bombardment of Gaza stands at 213, including 61 children and 36 women, while 23 Palestinians have been slain in the West Bank.[1] The aftermath of the blitzkrieg by the Zionist Israeli state will be as difficult to deal with for the Palestinians as the unconscionable loss of life. The 11-day assault, which temporarily … Continue reading Palestine: Zionist State Massacre in Gaza

Biden Bombs Syria: The First Covid War?

05.03.2021: Just two weeks after declaring the US would not return to forever wars under his administration[1], fraudulently installed President Joe Biden rained bombs on Syria, targeting Iranian supported militias fighting US backed Al Qaeda terrorists operating in the region. Biden was only 36 days into his first term before ordering the bombing of the Middle East[2], once again risking the escalation of an even … Continue reading Biden Bombs Syria: The First Covid War?

Theses on Lockdowns and Political Tasks for Socialists

Adopted by the Workers League  29-12-2020 1.After almost a year of lockdowns imposed by the ruling classes of the West, it is becoming more and more clear to many workers that the lies used to justify brutal totalitarian measures will continue throughout 2021. It is no longer credible, if it ever was, that the world is faced with a deadly plague which threatens humanity. This … Continue reading Theses on Lockdowns and Political Tasks for Socialists

West Papua: Separatists Declare Fake Government

23-12-2020: Perhaps taking their cue from the declaration of a fake coronavirus pandemic[1], some Papuan separatists have recently self-declared a fake “government in exile”. From the leafy green surrounds of Oxford in the United Kingdom – where he has become a citizen – Benny Wenda declared himself the President of the Provisional Government of West Papua[2], under the effective protection of British imperialism. Not amused, … Continue reading West Papua: Separatists Declare Fake Government