China Struck by Covid Backlash

09-01-2023: In an act of outrageous, even racist, discrimination, around a dozen predominantly Western governments have placed Covid restrictions on travellers entering their country from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Most of these measures include a demand for proof of a negative Covid test prior to departure, with some demanding this within two days prior to entry. Such countries currently include: the USA, Britain, … Continue reading China Struck by Covid Backlash

Malaysia: Washington Go-Between Installed as Prime Minister

Above: Anwar Ibrahim attends and builds the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded Bersih 3.0 rally in Malaysia in 2012. 11-12-2022: After more than two decades of trying, the US state finally succeeded in its mission to install Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, as part of its multi-faceted regional campaign to encircle the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with pro-Western proxy governments. At the end … Continue reading Malaysia: Washington Go-Between Installed as Prime Minister

Sean Turnell’s Vandalism in Myanmar

Above: Sean Turnell (at right) alongside billionaire shopping centre magnate Frank Lowy, founder of the neo-conservative think tank the Lowy Institute, and Aung Sung Suu Kyi. 06-10-2022: If we were to believe the corporate media, Australian academic Sean Turnell is an innocent political prisoner being detained by an illegitimate and tyrannical military junta which reversed democratic elections in Myanmar. Like much other reporting from the … Continue reading Sean Turnell’s Vandalism in Myanmar

No to NATO’s War!

Above: Part of the aftermath of the explosive sabotage carried out against the underwater Nordstream pipelines. 29-09-2022: The world stands closer to nuclear annihilation today than at any other time in history. The responsibility for this impending catastrophe lies entirely with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the anti-Russia military alliance of the collective West. NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg in practice has no authority … Continue reading No to NATO’s War!

VS, Blijf Weg Bij Taiwan

11-08-2022: Het recente “bezoek” van de Amerikaanse voorzitter van het Huis Nancy Pelosi aan Taiwan betekende niets minder dan een roekeloze provocatie. Onder dekking van de duisternis en met een escorte van militaire vliegtuigen [1] landde de op twee na hoogste Amerikaanse politicus 2 augustus in Taipei. De delegatie werd voorafgegaan door het Amerikaanse vliegdekschip USS Ronald Reagan en diens gevechtsmacht, waaronder een geleide raketvernietiger … Continue reading VS, Blijf Weg Bij Taiwan

The Ongoing Siege of Afghanistan

22-08-2022: According to the Western corporate media, women in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) are today severely repressed. Supposedly, since the Taliban marched into Kabul on August 15, 2021, they have broken pledges to respect human rights and women’s rights. Almost all girls are denied access to secondary school, and women are barred from working in many jobs, and even travelling to their employment … Continue reading The Ongoing Siege of Afghanistan

US Hands Off Taiwan!

11-08-2022: The US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent “visit” to Taiwan was nothing short of a reckless provocation. Under the cover of darkness, and with an escort of military aircraft[1], the third highest ranking US politician touched down in Taipei on August 2. The delegation was preceded by the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group which includes a guided … Continue reading US Hands Off Taiwan!

Sri Lanka: US Backed Colour Revolution in Colombo

Above: The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka (middle) meets with a select group of journalists in her residence on July 8, one day before protestors stormed the Presidential residence in Colombo. 20-07-2022: Appearances can be deceptive in nature, society, science, religion – and especially in times of political upheaval. On the surface, the events in Sri Lanka over the last several months seem to indicate … Continue reading Sri Lanka: US Backed Colour Revolution in Colombo

The Latest Cold War: BRICS + vs NATO/G7

18-07-2022: For the first time, there was no joint photo of the respective foreign ministers of the G20 Summit held this year in Bali, Indonesia. Foreign ministers from the West refused to be photographed with Russia’s Foreign Minister[1], Sergei Lavrov, over Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Yet the West was not calling the shots, by any means. There was no joint communique issuing from … Continue reading The Latest Cold War: BRICS + vs NATO/G7

Stop the Global “Pandemic” Treaty!

28-05-2022: Scarcely covered by the world’s corporate media, the World Health Assembly (WHA) of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to allegedly address pressing health issues facing the global population.[1] In reality, the WHO is being used as a false front for imperialism to resume its assault on working people under the guise of humanitarianism. In response to the fraudulent … Continue reading Stop the Global “Pandemic” Treaty!