Warmonger Awarded the Nobel “Peace” Prize, Again

Above: Infographic which identifies part of the funding for Maria Ressa’s “Rappler”. http://www.getrealphlippines.com 18-10-2021: The Nobel Peace Prize arguably lost any semblance of legitimacy when Henry Kissinger, the architect of the US Empire’s war on Vietnam, was awarded it in 1973.[1] Following this travesty, former US President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, barely a year into his first term. A … Continue reading Warmonger Awarded the Nobel “Peace” Prize, Again

AUKUS: The Anglosphere Prepares for War on China

05-10-2021: The war on Covid is fast transforming into a war on China. The Anglospheric formation of AUKUS (Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America) is just the latest confirmation of already occurring facts on the ground. No one is buying the line that AUKUS “does not target a particular country”. No one is buying the line that AUKUS is just an alternative … Continue reading AUKUS: The Anglosphere Prepares for War on China

Afghanistan: US “Withdrawal” Prepares Hybrid War

Above: The Taliban’s Islamic Emirate flag. It is white and emblazoned with an Islamic scripture known as the Shahada in black lettering. The Shahada is an Islamic Oath and is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam found in the Quran which reads “I bear witness that none deserves worship except God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God”. It … Continue reading Afghanistan: US “Withdrawal” Prepares Hybrid War

Social Credit – East and West

http://www.creditinfoweb.com 06-09-2021: The dramatic imposition of lockdown tyranny across much of the Western world since early 2020 by governments plying their liberal credentials has thrown politics upside down. In direct contrast to the 20th century, we now find that it is the “left” which appears to uphold minority rule, governmental authority and the power of the corporate elite – while the “right” defends basic civil … Continue reading Social Credit – East and West

Afghanistan: US Empire Shadow Boxing with ISIS-K

Above: A photo from a video supposedly released by ISIS-K to demonstrate their power. http://www.sofrep.com 01-09-2021: So the corporate media narrative on Afghanistan now runs something like this: 20 years after invading, US forces were kicked out of the country by the Taliban and bungled a hasty withdrawal from the country. Afghans who worked with the US during their occupation scrambled to airports, some of … Continue reading Afghanistan: US Empire Shadow Boxing with ISIS-K

COP26 and the Greenwashing of Imperialism

http://www.bfpg.co.uk 30-08-2021: Ever since the onset of “Covid” lockdowns, the climate crisis has been pushed off the front pages of the corporate press worldwide. The world’s ruling classes saw to it that the “health care” propaganda cover for the replacement of liberal democracy with fascism[1] took and held centre stage for 18 months. Now, with the approaching COP26 (Conference of the Parties, part 26) summit … Continue reading COP26 and the Greenwashing of Imperialism

Lockdowns and the Twilight of Democracy

Above: Riot police in Melbourne pursue anti-lockdown protestors through food markets. http://www.pedestrian.tv 18-08-2021: The Australian states of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) are currently enduring arguably the harshest “Covid” lockdowns ever imposed. A brutal lockdown has kept NSW incarcerated for seven weeks, with no indication of when it will be released. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has been reduced to a snap lockdown, … Continue reading Lockdowns and the Twilight of Democracy

Free Queensland!

shower-stairs.blogspot.com 02-08-2021: An iron curtain has descended across South-East Queensland, Australia’s “Sunshine State”. Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced the extension of a three-day lockdown to eight days,[1] which could be extended further on a whim. 11 Local Government Areas stretching from the Gold Coast in the south to the Sunshine Coast in the north have been condemned to lockdowns, with stay-at-home orders in place, workplaces … Continue reading Free Queensland!

#SOSCUBA: Code for Counter-Revolution

17-07-2021: Here we go again. Following in the footsteps of numerous “colour revolutions”, destabilisations and outright subversion in multiple countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, now it is Cuba’s turn. As always, regime change operations such as these can ultimately be traced back to one source – US imperialism and their allies. The “#SOSCUBA” demonstrations throughout the island 144 kilometres south of Florida last … Continue reading #SOSCUBA: Code for Counter-Revolution

Ethiopia: US/EU Meddling Stokes Ethnic Conflict

Flag of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 12-07-2021: In modern times, there appears to be numerous regions around the world that are afflicted by separatist struggles which are be driven by ethnic or national grievances. On scratching the surface, however, one often finds the fingerprints of the imperialist machinations of the governments of the United States of America (US) and the European Union (EU). … Continue reading Ethiopia: US/EU Meddling Stokes Ethnic Conflict