What Drives Climate Denial?

13-03-2023: As war and economic crisis grips much of the world, climate disasters can struggle to attract headlines. Yet they continue at an alarming pace. On the 1st of March the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu was struck by a Cyclone Judy, only to be hit hard barely 24 hours later by Cyclone Kevin. Both were Category 4 cyclones, which brought down trees blocking roads … Continue reading What Drives Climate Denial?

“Artic Blast” in the US brings Havoc and Death in its Wake

By Stu Winters A huge and dangerous winter storm recently struck the US upper Midwest and East accompanied by high winds and blizzard conditions along with bitter cold having wind chills ranging from 10 to 25 below zero in the lower elevations, down to 50 below in the mountains. Coastal areas were also hit hard by rain including coastal flooding in Queens County, a borough … Continue reading “Artic Blast” in the US brings Havoc and Death in its Wake

Deluge Submerges Parts of Australia’s East Coast – Again

Above: A ute is hit by floodwaters on a street in Charlton, Victoria. 24-10-2022: Once again, whole swathes of Australia’s East Coast have been inundated with floodwaters from incessant rainfall. Parts of three states – New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania – are underwater. Federal Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt said that modelling indicated that some 9000 homes in the north of Victoria had been … Continue reading Deluge Submerges Parts of Australia’s East Coast – Again

The Pitfalls of Climate Blockades

04-07-2022: Under the slogan of “Resist Climate Inaction”, Blockade Australia (BA) are in the midst of carrying out a week of intentional disruption throughout Sydney and the state of New South Wales (NSW) which they hope will force the powers that be to finally take decisive measures to combat the devastating climatological effects of runaway biospheric collapse. “Disruption” conveys BA’s primary tactic of road and … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Climate Blockades

Deliberate Food Shortages?

13-05-2022: Across the last several months, there have been a procession of food processing plants across the United States of America (US) mysteriously catching fire. Food processing plants in the states of Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and more have been burned to the ground. So far, 18 food factories are now a pile of ashes.[1] One might say, the US is a big place, and … Continue reading Deliberate Food Shortages?

“Rain Bomb” Hits Australia’s East Coast

http://www.yidashuzi.com 02-03-2022: As the corporate media narrative suspiciously switches from one fake bogeyman (Covid) to another (Russia), Australia’s East Coast has been swamped by a real threat which is already taking lives – extreme climate change. Over the last weekend in February, 1.5 metres of rain fell over three days, mostly around Brisbane and South East Queensland (QLD), in what was dubbed a “Rain Bomb”. … Continue reading “Rain Bomb” Hits Australia’s East Coast

COP26 and the Greenwashing of Imperialism

http://www.bfpg.co.uk 30-08-2021: Ever since the onset of “Covid” lockdowns, the climate crisis has been pushed off the front pages of the corporate press worldwide. The world’s ruling classes saw to it that the “health care” propaganda cover for the replacement of liberal democracy with fascism[1] took and held centre stage for 18 months. Now, with the approaching COP26 (Conference of the Parties, part 26) summit … Continue reading COP26 and the Greenwashing of Imperialism

Resist the Gas, Coal and Fracking Siege!

23-10-2020: If we were to believe the government, we are about to enter a summer which they variously refer to as “storm season”, “bushfire/flood season” or even “big weather” season – which now comes with its own TV series.[1] Working people are supposed to believe that the droughts, bushfires and floods which devastated swathes of the country last summer is just par for the course … Continue reading Resist the Gas, Coal and Fracking Siege!

Abolish the Coronavirus Commission!

Abolish the Coronavirus Commission! 14-06-2020: The fake coronavirus pandemic has now spawned its own fake coronavirus government. Unfortunately, the entirely appointed National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) is all too real. Unelected by anyone, and unaccountable to the federal (or any) parliament, the NCCC is yet another example of the blatant disregard for even a pretence of democracy that the ruling class exhibits from time to … Continue reading Abolish the Coronavirus Commission!

Climate Crisis: Fight for Public Ownership!

Climate Crisis: Fight for Public Ownership! 22-02-2020 – First came the fires, then came the floods. After the bushfire infernos which swept this country in December and January, Australia is now being viewed as the “canary in the coal mine” of global warming. As the driest continent on Earth, it is looking likely that Australia will experience some of the worst climate calamities due to … Continue reading Climate Crisis: Fight for Public Ownership!