Stop the war on Syria/Yemen! AUS/US troops: Out Now!

05-12-2015 – In the weeks following the events in Paris on November 13, the imperialist powers have sought to again escalate their lawless and criminal war on the Syrian Republic, citing “war on terror” language eerily reminiscent of the atmosphere following the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. At the same time, the same imperialist powers are virtually silent about their ongoing scorched earth war against the people of Yemen, who had the gall to throw out a US backed stooge. Also, in Mali, a suspect attack on the Radisson Blue Hotel in Bamako assassinated three Chinese State Rail managers and six Russians associated with a cargo plane company. Ongoing US provocations against China continue in the South China Sea, and NATO backed Nazis in Ukraine continue to threaten anti-fascist resistance fighters protecting civilians. If the world seems on the brink of war, that’s probably because it is. Capitalism knows no other way out of the perilous economic crisis it has itself procured.

The events in Paris on November 13 have been used as a catalyst for the “free world” to once again hypocritically wring its hands at the barbarity of the alleged work of “ISIS”, and once again declare ISIS as pure evil. The imperialist powers should know – it is the creation of their weapons, training and money. It is an open secret that all mercenary jihadist groups operating in Syria have been brought into existence with the material backing of NATO powers the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with support from Israel, Qatar and others.[1] Yet these extensive plans to outsource an entire war to overthrow the secular state of Syria were thrown into chaos with the intervention of Russia on September 30, at the invitation of the Syrian government. The military might of Russia had immediate effect militarily in taking out many ISIS barbarians and their positions, but also politically. The actions of Russia, in taking out more ISIS positions in four days than the US had in one whole year,[2] exposed the fake anti-ISIS campaign of the US and its allies, and also undermined the whole campaign of ISIS as a universal proxy that the “international community” has to wage perpetual war on. It is akin to the taking out of Osama Bin Laden. Once Bin Laden was gone, the US quickly produced another bogeyman to justify its relentless wars. For a brief moment, it seemed that Russia was going to send ISIS to an early grave, saving the world in the process. Russia, and Putin himself, was suddenly becoming popular, even in areas most associated with pro-US reaction. For example in the UK, one poll had two out of three Britons supporting Putin’s assault on ISIS.[3]

Whipped into a frenzy at the prospect of Russia gaining the sympathy, if not open support, of the world’s masses, the US imperialist behemoth struck out viciously, taking yet more innocent lives. Its proxies carried out a terror bombing in Beirut, targeting Hezbollah, in retaliation for its fighters siding with Russia and Syria and against the West’s terror. Soon after came the 13 November events in Paris, the timing of which are extremely suspect, to say the least. There are many aspects to the mainstream media coverage of the Paris attacks which simply don’t add up. For an event in which supposedly 120 Parisians perished in an alleged “bloodbath”, there was not one picture of any wounds, let alone any cadavers, and no footage of the suicide bombers which are supposed to have attacked the national French football stadium hosting a France v Germany football match. While we extend our sympathies for those who may have perished, we have to be aware of being manipulated. As Stephen Lendman wrote soon after: “Friday’s Paris attacks were either blowback for Western wars on Islam, or a state-sponsored false flag. Odds strongly favour the latter. Western history of false flags for subsequent planned events suggest it.”[4]

As if on cue, imperialist Germany and now the United Kingdom have joined the “war against ISIS”, which is transparently a war for regime change in Syria. In the UK, yet another example of the bankruptcy of attempting to reform capitalism through a “left” reformist project was exposed. Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the former chair of the UK Stop the War Coalition (which has nevertheless not actually opposed recent wars), and a self-claimed “socialist”, rolled over and allowed a “free vote” on the question of the UK fighter jets joining bombing raids on Syria.[5] This action guaranteed the Conservatives would win the vote, with some Labour MP support, and begin yet another phase of the criminal war on Syria.

At the same time as the war on Syria escalates, the US backed Saudi Arabian war on Yemen rages, virtually unmentioned in the corporate mass media. The Ansarullah forces, a coalition of Zaidi Shia, socialist former South Yemen independence fighters, and secular youth, also known as the Houthis, marched into the capital Sanaa in January and seized power, re-establishing the popular committees which had forced out the former US/Saudi backed Mansour Hadi. In response, Saudi Arabia, with the full backing of the United States, launched a horrific war against the people of Yemen. Everyday since January, Saudi missiles have struck hospitals, schools and homes, reducing them to rubble and murdering at least 7000.[6] The Yemenis only crime was to defend themselves with arms against the Saudi/US and Al Qaeda forces ravaging their country. Just as the US cannot tolerate an independent Syria, the US backed Saudis cannot tolerate an independent Yemen. While not extending full political support to the Houthi forces, workers of the world should unequivocally back the military victory of those forces committed to resistance against US and Saudi backed terror.

Canberra has backed the US, as is usual, at every step in the criminal war against Syria, and currently admits to around 600 troops in Iraq, alongside six FA-18 Hornet jets, which is “second only to the United States” in size.[7] The proposition that Australian and US troops are in Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS is manifestly absurd. Russia’s actions have thoroughly exposed this ruse. Canberra has joined Washington, London, Paris, Riyadh and Tel Aviv and their jihadist proxies in a war for the overthrow of Syria, and by extension, opening a salvo on the larger targets of Russia and China. The economic failure of capitalism is driving this war, which, with each day, contains the seeds of a global conflagration. Working people must not allow it. No To War! AUST/US Troops: Out Now!


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