No To Vaccine Apartheid!

czech anti-vax passport

Above: Protestors in the Czech Republic use the yellow star symbol which was pinned to Jews in Nazi Germany, as a prop to demonstrate against the public ostracism directed against those who are “unvaccinated”.

08-08-2021: Humanity has reached a turning point. One and a half years after imperialism launched its global war on working people under the rhetoric of “Covid-19”, society hangs in the balance. Even though capitalism intends to push much further into lockdown fascism, they are partially blocked by the stern defence of an anti-lockdown movement which has long understood the stakes at play. One of the central pillars of lockdown fascism is the imposition of a system of vaccine apartheid. Those who can see through the intense corporate propaganda pushing a dangerous and experimental injection[1], or even just those who harbour serious concerns about the safety of a “vaccine” which has not even been licenced, are already being derisively referred to as the “unvaccinated”. The former banker and French President Macron has announced plans for the societal exclusion of those who do not trust politicians and Big Pharma. The “Pass Sanitaire” would if implemented mean a six-month jail term for those in a restaurant without Covid certification, and twelve months in jail for restaurant owners who do not check that its diners have up to date passes.[2]

Covid lies

As Professor Chossudovsky writes, there is no killer virus, but there is a killer vaccine.[3] The Covid mRNA “vaccine” produces a spike protein in the cells of those who get the shot. Dr Charles Hoffe’s research strongly indicates that the spikes will form as part of the wall of blood vessels, which inevitably causes blood clots.[4] Evidence of Covid vaccine fatalities keep piling up – and these are just a fraction of the deaths that are reported to health authorities.[5] Such information is largely censored by Big Tech, as it directly counters the lies continually used to justify plunging society into devastating lockdowns. This points to why the “unvaccinated” are dangerous to the ruling classes; they are living proof not only of the Covid lie, but of the falsity of the entire Covid narrative. Healthy unvaccinated people expose the tyranny of lockdowns as entirely unwarranted political repression.

Covid passports – a digital or paper indication that one has been subjected to what is essentially a gene-altering injection – are not in the least about healthcare. They are simply the means by which vaccine apartheid can be enforced. In Nazi Germany, Jews, Slavs, Roma, homosexuals, and the physically and mentally disabled were the Untermenchen – inferior peoples who contaminated the Aryan race. The propaganda accompanying Nazi totalitarianism was so overwhelming that many Germans were afraid to speak up when such people began to be taken away, ultimately to death camps. In 2021, healthy unvaccinated people have become the Untermenchen of Covidian state terror.[6] The unvaxxed are the unmentionables, the untouchables, the unclean – vectors of disease. It matters not that this portrayal contains not one shred of truth. All forms of totalitarianism are based on lies, and given that lockdown fascism arrives so late in the lifespan of capitalism, Covid lies are even more outlandish and more illogical than the “master race” lies of the 1930s.

Despite decades of Western liberal and government backed measures outlawing discrimination against women, indigenous people, various religions, political opinion and more, Covid has rendered these a virtual dead letter. Unless it is halted, the unvaccinated are now and will be subjected not only to discrimination but a form of legalized scapegoating. The unvaccinated can be blamed for ALL of society’s woes – even the lockdowns themselves. The unvaccinated can be blamed for border closures, economic shutdowns, millions of workers being thrown out of employment, the closure of small and medium sized businesses – almost anything. It’s all false, but the masses loathe lockdowns and yearn for a return to “normal”. If not stopped, the unvaccinated could be subjected to a series of escalating punitive measures, such as: being banned from public places, being banned from work, being banned from social security, being forcibly vaccinated, being sent to quarantine camps, or even being murdered.[7]In other words, Covid terror has all but abolished centuries of liberal and humanitarian progress on the protection of the individual from the abuse of state power.

Fightback well underway

Despite this apparent apocalypse, there is no reason for working people to despair. On the contrary, the anti-lockdown movement is leading a fightback against the Covid juggernaut. In France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Australia and beyond, millions have repeatedly marched against lockdowns, facemask mandates and dangerous Covid injections. This force, regardless of its political physiognomy and its current leadership, is the only entity standing between the last vestiges of free will and a descent into an unspeakable apartheid fuelled barbarism. So far, it has demonstrated organisation, determination and bravery on the basis of its propensity for self-education.  However, to win decisive victories, it needs to learn and develop a political line which is capable of shaking the very foundations of a lawless global capitalism.

The obstacles to the winning of freedom are not so much the apparatus of the capitalist state – the police, the courts, the army, the civil service bureaucracy – although this is formidable. There are not enough police to control millions of workers, and never can be. What the lockdown state does is to empower deputies which act with para-state power. Friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, community members and others turn on “their own” and become auxiliaries of Covid terrorism, while sincerely believing they are protecting society from a deadly plague. This would scarcely occur were it not for the putrefaction of the absurdly misnamed “socialist” parties and the Union officials, whose base treachery and defection to the side of billionaire finance capital is unmistakable.

Vaccine apartheid, and all aspects of Covid repression, was never about a real or imagined virus. At this historical stage, capitalism must inflict pain and suffering on workers if it is to survive. Therefore, socialism is now critically urgent. The key prerequisite for this is a workers’ vanguard party, linked internationally. To get there, Marxist revolutionaries have no option but to fight shoulder to shoulder with the anti-lockdown movement, while seeking to draw the masses into a pitch battle for the establishment of workers’ republics and collectivised and planned economies.



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4 thoughts on “No To Vaccine Apartheid!

  1. it totally fails to offer the working class any way forward!
    strikes? dunno there’s no mention, nor of any other militant tactics that are needed!
    it’s only telling people what they already know but with the monika of yet another yet another little fart-lefty grouplet to add to the plethora of initials and fragments that are each “the correct way forward”.
    Wilhelm is at a protest giving out this rubbish he sent me, or i would take it up with him


    1. The article clearly calls on workers to build the anti-lockdown movement, while seeking to win the most advanced layers to a struggle for socialism – via the construction of a Marxist vanguard party. We must wonder what you are doing, other than criticising the efforts of others…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. We do not claim to be anything, but we call for, and seek to organise, Marxist vanguard parties internationally. Those who only put forward vile criticism of others, have nothing to offer the working class.


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