Rise Against Covid Lies!

Bulgaria health pass rally

Above: Bulgarians in Sofia attempt to confront the parliament, in protest against the so-called “health pass” and facemask mandates. Image from http://www.thedailycable.co

Statement of the Workers League

17-01-2022: As the dawn of 2022 broke, the world entered year three of the “New Normal”. Many had hopes that 2021 would see the end of “Covid”, and we could return to the somewhat usual life we had until 2019. Western governments appeared to be finally doing away with lockdowns, admitted that Covid will spread amongst the whole community, that schools and universities need to re-open, that the economy has to re-start, and that travel needs to resume. Yet this was a ruse. The Covid plot is being pushed as hard as ever, with the maniacal focus on the vaccine and ever-present booster shots being touted – once again – as the only guarantee of safety. Vaccine passports and QR check-ins are required for entry into all kinds of venues, from restaurants and bars to cinemas and sporting stadiums. Facemask mandates are returning for public transport, and many other indoor and outdoor venues. Millions of workers around the world have lost, or are losing, their jobs to vaccine mandates.

Nonsensical narrative

From the beginning, the Covid narrative never made sense. Lockdowns were predicated on the notion of asymptomatic spread – the idea that the allegedly highly dangerous SARS-CoV-2 virus can spread by people who have no symptoms, have never been sick, and feel 100% healthy. Forced facemask wearing was ordered by many governments, and often enforced by police, on the spurious grounds that facemasks help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and its variants. Plastic shielding was set up in supermarkets, and plastic sheeting was set up in some schools and placed between students. Young students in some schools were forced to wear facemasks all day, including during physical education classes. Families and relatives were kept apart from one another, and in some cases were banned from attending the funeral of a family member. National, state and provincial borders were closed down, which in many cases violated the federal constitutions of whole countries.

Much of the Covid narrative was driven relentlessly towards “the vaccine”, which was purported to be the way out of the crisis. Then it came out that (if the Covid vaccine doesn’t injure or kill you) it wears off after 60 to 90 days. Then it was acknowledged that everyone who receives two doses of the Covid vaccine, can still be infected, can still transmit, can still get sick and can still die – from Covid. Booster shots were hailed as the answer, with the intervals for taking one being steadily reduced from 12 months to six months, and then to three months. Then it was announced that the “fully vaccinated” would still have to wear facemasks, and may still have to be confined by lockdowns, regardless.

Open systems of apartheid have been put in place, by governments who claimed for decades that discrimination is immoral. The “unvaccinated” can be banned from venues, shops, events, theatres, cinemas and more – on the grounds that they are somehow unprotected and pose a greater danger to those that have been vaccinated. Then statistics emerge showing that those who have been vaccinated are in fact at greater danger of contracting Covid, and in greater danger of being hospitalised with Covid. Entire industries have been brought to a standstill, on the grounds that they are “not essential”. Rules and other edicts are issued by politicians and governments which change daily, and sometimes hourly. Politicians, Police Commissioners and employees of Covid vaccine manufacturers – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – are exempt from vaccine mandates. Leading scientists and doctors who dissent are “fact checked” or banned from social media.

Covid tyranny is the oppression of capital

While SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 may exist, the Covid narrative does not make sense because it is based on a mountain of lies. Demonstrably, there is no “pandemic” in terms of usual mortality rates significantly increasing. If anything, the increases in mortality rates that have occurred are in line with the rollout of the Covid vaccines. None of the rules, restrictions, passports, facemask mandates, lockdowns and state and national border shutdowns have any basis in science or medicine. The political repression of Covid tyranny is the oppression of the stock markets and the banks – indeed it is the dictatorship of finance capital showing its true face. Covid is the class line, and the source of Covid terror is the faltering capitalist system of private production for private profit.

The class line in a time of acute crisis cleaves a society in two, which is why families, friends, partners and workmates have been torn apart – the closest of allies become bitter enemies overnight. What is occurring is the replacement of democracy with a form of fascism previously unknown. It has never previously been encountered because the political ideology of this particular form of fascism is liberalism, NOT far-right ultra-nationalism. Many scratch their heads trying to understand this, but fascism can employ ANY ideology – liberalism, reformism, conservatism, nationalism – as long as it defends capitalism.  As long as the working class has not yet formed a party of its own, and has not yet won a struggle for power, a descent into fascism at a certain point becomes inevitable.

While it may appear that the bureaucratic caste which leads the People’s Republic of China (PRC) led the charge into lockdowns and hysteria, it is the Western ruling classes in Europe and the USA which drove the Covid civil war on the working class, by self-inflicting the worst economic depression ever conceived. The capitalist super-elites knew that only a profound and deep recession would give them a chance to “re-set” their economies by first destroying whole parts of it – to provide new fields of investment. The slump had to be so deep that it was necessary to stop whole sections of society from functioning altogether. This is the source of the hitherto unimaginable restrictions on human movement, travel, culture, sport, the right to work and the right to participate in society.

Despite this scenario, there is no reason for despair, as a freedom movement has arisen in response. This movement, which is regularly mobilising millions throughout the world, is the largest in modern history. It contains those who can see through Covid lies and are prepared to take action to restore the truth. Yet as vital as these rallies and demonstrations are, in themselves they present no threat to the forces of darkness. What is required is not just a mass movement, but a struggle for political power. Workers must prepare for the formation of strike committees, which can then serve as alternative and incipient organs of their own state. While mass demonstrations can remain peaceful, workers need to be prepared to defend their strike committees from retaliation by police and security forces – by any means necessary. This potentially enables a situation of dual power, where the dying and obsolete state squares off against the new and rising state. The leadership of Marxist vanguard parties must arise, which can guide workers towards the final victory – publicly owned and planned economies, where those who labour collectively rule.



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