MRNA shot Mandates: Where’s the Science?


By Thomas Buddenbrook

The mRNA jabs are an experimental medical treatment, which only have an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Thus mandating them is a violation of the Nuremburg Code, formulated in response to Nazi medical experiments upon concentration camp inmates, banning forced medical experimentation. It also violates the U.S. Code on War Crimes, which accedes to the Geneva Convention, banning such medical experimentation,[1] to mandate these shots.

Have government agencies/public health authorities and the Big Pharma corporations–Pfizer, Moderna, J&J–given us proper, scientifically based assurance that these shots are necessary, safe, or effective? No, on all three counts:

Necessary? No.

  1. This “pandemic” has been blown way out of proportion. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said it should not be used for diagnosis, and as of the end of last year, the CDC withdrew its emergency use authorization for this test.[2] The enormous number of Covid “cases” reported in the media was based upon this fallacious test, which created, as admitted by the head of the CDC, an enormous number of false positive results.[3] In addition, hospitals and doctors were incentivized by the Federal government’s big payments to report any patient who died and had a positive PCR test result, to be due to Covid-19. This included people who died because of a motorcycle accident.[4]
  2. There are actually FDA approved drugs that have been proven safe, such as ivermectin, used for decades, and shown by medical experts like McCullough and Zelenko, to be extremely–75%!–effective in preventing mortality, hospitalization from and transmission of Covid 19.  The regulatory agencies such as the FDA and CDC, and the medical establishment, in league with Big Pharma, however, have done their best to suppress these medications–in order to permit the FDA, illegally, to grant an EUA to these mRNA shots–which legally can only be granted if there are no other alternatives.[5]

Safe? No.

  1. Whereas traditional vaccines are tested for safety for at least 2 years, and previous (failed) clinical trials for mRNA shots lasted 5 years, there was no time–only two months!–for legitimate safety trials before they received FDA EUA authorization, and there was no effort by the Big Pharma companies to include such concerns–safety!–in their trials.[6]
  2. What little safety data was gathered from the trials, Pfizer buried In the footnotes to their report on the clinical trial data: the fact, in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s words, that there was a “fivefold increase in excess fatal cardiac arrests and congestive heart failures in” the vaccinated group.[7] The Biotech industry’s efforts to hide or disappear this data has been confirmed by the report of a biotech industry whistleblower to former Blackrock hedge manager Edward Dowd.[8]
  3. The potentially hazardous effects of these shots are more pervasive than has been conveyed by the media. In the first place, it is the spiked proteins that are the part of the virus that do the most damage, causing blood clots, etc., to the human body. And yet the purpose of these shots is to induce our cells to manufacture these proteins, in order to then induce the production of antibodies to the virus. One of the assertions in the propaganda about these shots is that, like previous vaccines, they, and the spiked proteins they create, stay in the shoulder into which they are injected. But Pfizer knowingly lied about this. Their own study in Japan revealed that the spiked proteins–and therefore, the mRNA particles that produce them–spread throughout the mammalian body, including the ovaries. Thus these shots pose such dangers as sterilization. There are also studies showing that these particles/proteins travel into the brain, and other organs such as the heart, the circulatory endothelium, et alia, thus going where no spiked protein has gone before (if they are part of the virus, the tend to stay in the lungs.) This may explain the enormous number of neurological and circulatory problems we are seeing in the VAERS, including strokes, seizures, heart attacks, myocarditis, etc.[9] The incidence of myocarditis has jumped from about 0.53 per million, to 537.1 in males aged 18 – 24 (which just so happens to be the age range for most of our students, for which the PSC leadership has consistently advocated these shots!)[10] A more recent study indicates that this dramatic increase also involves age ranges from 24 to 50–a range for many of the CUNY faculty, for which the PSC leadership has been most supportive of CUNY and the Governor, mandating these shots.[11]
  4. The potentially hazardous effects of these shots are more long-lasting than is conveyed by the media. According to a recent study, the spiked proteins can be detected in the lymph nodes for at least 2 months. Another study shows that after Covid-19 infection, the spiked particles will remain in the body up to 15 months. Thus the mRNA manufactured proteins may also last this long.[12] And another piece of propaganda is the denial by the “fact-checkers” on social media that these shots are not versions of genetic engineering, since they are only changing the RNA of our cells, not our more or less permanent DNA. But this is belied by at least two studies showing the operation of something called “reverse transcriptase”–transfering the genetic information from the mRNA particles, into our cellular DNA. Thus these shots’ effects, creating these dangerous spiked proteins, could be permanent.[13]
  5. There is an entire range of possible, very harmful, potentially deadly, adverse “side effects” for these shots. The FDA conceded this possibility in October, 2020, months before the mRNA shots were rolled out[14]–without requiring safety trials. Despite this, government and media assure us that the shots are safe.
  6. Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide the enormous number of deaths and injuries that resulted among the experimental group in a few months after the trials. After they were compelled to by lawsuits, they revealed, in the first 90 days after the shots, 42,000 cases, including 1,223 deaths.[15]
  7. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), jointly run by the FDA and the CDC, as of this week, is reporting deaths occurring after these shots of about 24,000, and 192,000 serious adverse events.[16] This is many more deaths and injuries reported in the previous thirty year history of VAERS. The period between 1st quarter 2020, and 1st quarter 2021, saw an increase of 6000%.[17] The CDC, the FDA, the media, the fact checkers at PolitFact, have dismissed the alarm that naturally results from these figures, by simply and baldly stating that these deaths and injuries bear no relation to taking the jabs. But since they have conducted no autopsies upon the dead, and neither they nor the Big Pharma companies have conducted safety trials, in the first place, they can’t legitimately make that claim. They also say the VAERS System is unreliable, based as it is upon voluntary reporting[18] True, but it is the only one they have made available to the public. So what are we supposed to use as the basis for evaluating the safety of these shots?! However, the Lazarus et al. study 2010, based on far more reliable health insurance co. data, shows that VAERS consistently underreports--only 1% of the actual deaths and injuries. When Lazarus et al. proposed that a new system be created based upon such data, the CDC, a Big Pharma captured agency, like the FDA–refused to return their phone calls. This information about the CDC’s refusal is actually presented in the last pages of the Lazarus study report.[19] A study by Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, and Matthew Crawford estimates that we should multiply the VAERS data by a factor of 41X. Thus, if we take the current data from the VAERS, we come up with the following, extremely disturbing figures:

41X24,400 = 984,000 deaths, so far.

41X192,000 = 7,872,000 serious adverse events, so far..

  • In animal (ferret) trials for a previous version of these mRNA shots, it was found that, according to Dr. Lee Merritt, many, perhaps even all, of the ferrets died a year or so after the trials were concluded, due to the onset of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). In other words, when the animals encountered the wild virus against which they had been “vaccinated,” their “immunization” enhanced the ability of the virus to kill them.[20]
  • Former Blackrock hedge manager Edward Dowd has pointed out that as the shots were introduced in 2021, payouts for death and disability, hospital death rates, and all cause mortality levels have shot up dramatically. Insurance companies, such as Indiana Insurance Co. CEO Scott Davison, have reported as much as an historic rise of 40%. And stocks for public funeral services have soared.[21]
  • Getting vaxxed after people are infected with Covid actually increases the risk of adverse side effects.[22]
  • Dr. Ryan Cole has argued that these shots actually impair our T-cell based innate immune system. This impairment is the likely cause of an uptick in cancers and other illnesses heretofore placed under watch and prevented by this system from becoming a serious threat to our health. It might also be responsible for the phenomenon of serious “break out” cases in heavily vaxxed populations.[23]

Effective? No.

  1. The clinical trials performed by the Big Pharma companies were not meant to prove effectiveness in preventing hospitalization, deaths, or even transmission. They were merely employed to show that the shots might moderate symptoms.[24]Even CDC Director Walensky has admitted that these shots can’t prevent transmission “any more[25]. Yet what proof has been established that they ever did?
  2. In lieu of actual clinical trial results, the decline in covid cases at the beginning of 2021 was presented as a substitute for proof that these shots are effective in stopping transmission. As the pro jab Dr. Robert M. Kaplan has admitted, however, there is one not-so-slight problem with this rosy view. And that is that credit for this decline cannot possibly be given to the shots, since very few people at the beginning of 2021 had been given them.[26] The rise in natural immunity–as even Bill Gates has admitted, is the more likely “culprit.”[27]
  3. The companies, with the backing of the FDA, claimed that their results showed a 95% effectiveness rate, at least in moderating symptoms. But here too, this claim was extremely dubious. It was based on a misleading measure, the “Relative Risk Reduction,” which does not tell us the overall risk involved of getting symptoms from the virus if we take the jabs. This permitted the companies, and the captured agency purporting to regulate them in the interest of public health, to derive a high efficacy rate, from the fact that a tinier number of subjects in the experimental group (In the Pfizer trial, 8, out of a total of 18,198), developed severe symptoms, vs. a slightly less percentage of the members of the control group (142, out of a total of 18,325). If we use the correct measure to evaluate the overall risk, the one actually recommended by the FDA, the Absolute Risk Reduction, then this fantastic “95% efficacy rate” boils down to only around 1%–and this might not even be statistically significant.[28]
  4. President Biden, CDC Director Walensky, the media, et alia, have presented the idea that since the vaccine rollout, we have had a “pandemic of the unvaccinated, with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated.” But this is cynical rather than truthful–the product of the CDC’s manipulation of the data. In Dr. Joseph Mercola’s words,“To achieve that statistic, the CDC included hospitalization and mortality data from January through June. The vast majority of the U.S. population was unvaccinated during that time frame.” In other words, over much of this period, the majority of the U.S. population was unvaccinated at this time![29] So the conclusions drawn by the CDC are worthless.
  5. Quoting from a letter written to the PSC NC leadership in response to their endorsement of the vaccine mandate, by John Jay College Economics Professor Dr. Christian Parenti, “Natural immunity [from getting Covid-19–a much safer bet than the jabs, provided you engage in early effective treatments like ivermectin!) is stronger and longer lasting than the vaccinations. [In] a November 2021 CDC study, covid infection rates “among vaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis were consistently higher than [infection] rates among unvaccinated persons with a history of COVID-19 (3.1-fold higher [95% CI = 2.6–3.7] in California and 1.9-fold higher [95% CI = 1.5–2.3] in New York.”[30]
  6. In another letter sent to the PSC NC leadership, entitled Big Mistake, dated 1/2/22, Dr. Parenti writes as follows: “Most studies indicate that vaccine efficacy drops by at least 50% within six months. The study in this footnote found ‘vaccine effectiveness against infections of the delta variant… declined to 53%… after 4 months’.[1][31] An Israeli study from July 2021 found that the Pfizer vaccine dropped to a mere 39% efficacy within six months.[2] Now Israel is demanding boosters at three months [3][32]; and exploring mandating a fourth booster but some science advisors there warn “that the plan could backfire, because too many shots might cause a sort of immune system fatigue, compromising the body’s ability to fight the coronavirus.”[4][33]   

Then Dr. Parenti details many of the safety concerns that I have detailed above. Based on these assertions, he concludes: “You and the PSC seem to be proposing that we members be forced onto an endless cycle of vaccine booster shots. If you think that this will go well you are making a serious mistake. The pharmaceutical industry may be indemnified against lawsuits by the federal government but CUNY is not and neither is the PSC.”

  • Quoting a summary of an article by Gerard Delapine, “Virtually all the countries that implemented rapid and aggressive COVID-19 vaccine campaigns experienced dramatic spikes in COVID infections. This documentation of increased susceptibility to COVID among highly vaccinated populations hints at the onset of the dreaded pathogenic priming [i.e. Antibody Dependency Enhancement] in the months following mass vaccination.”[34] So mandating this shot not only poses the danger of death or serious adverse events from the shot. It also increases rather than reduces the risk of infection by Covid-19: supposedly the [manifest vs. latent] purpose of the shot, in the first place!
  • Another cause for the high rate of “breakthrough cases” in heavily vaccinated populations, and the declarations of the Big Pharma-governmental complex that more and more boosters are needed, may be due to the fact that these shots do not exterminate the virus. They do not provide “sterilizing immunity” and are instead, “leaky.” Thus, according to Dr. Geert van der Bosch, they actually facilitate infection by new variants that arise, by undermining production by the body of the “non-specific antibodies” that can offer a challenge to these variants. “They will inevitably put “evolutionary pressure” on the virus and thus select for variants, potentially one that is more lethal than that which you intend to control. There is no hope in achieving vaccine herd immunity with these experimental, leaky, COVID-19 vaccines, especially for a coronavirus that is rapidly mutating and produces variants that escapes vaccine immunity.[35] Thus they threaten, as Dr. Peter McCullough has said, to “put the world on a never-ending booster treadmill.”[36]

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