Tyrant Trudeau Flees From Freedom Convoy

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01-02-2022: The news that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have been moved from their residence in Ottawa to an “undisclosed location”[1] ahead of the arrival of the Freedom Convoy comes as a form of poetic justice. Trudeau, an enthusiastic enforcer of tyrannical Covid lockdowns, vaccine passports and vaccine mandates, has in effect fled for his life from one of the largest protests Canada has yet seen. The Freedom Convoy, composed of trucks and other vehicles forming a line some 70 kilometres long, had been described by Trudeau as a “fringe minority”. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, despite being a corporate magnate, correctly skewered Trudeau on Twitter. “It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government…(he wrote)..if the government had the mandate of the people there would be a significant counter-protest. There is not, therefore they do not.”[2] Musk also lauded the thousands of Canadians lining the highways and streets in support for demonstrating during the height of a Canadian winter – with temperatures as low as -170 C.

Anti-mandate, not “anti-vax”

Trudeau – the personification of liberal totalitarianism – is living on another planet if he believes that the majority of Canadians support nonsensical Covid restrictions. A recent poll found that some 85% of Canadians now view Covid as no worse than the flu, while only 12% fear hospitalization with Covid.[3] Nor can the Freedom Convoy be slurred as “anti-vax”, when the demands of the truckers are clearly anti-mandate. James Bauder, one of the organisers with the Canada Unity Foundation, stressed that the Freedom Convoy is not about the vaccine, as there are single-jabbed, double-jabbed, double-jabbed and boosted and no jabbed truckers all taking part together. It is about the mandates – and we are done with mandates, he stated.[4] The plan seems to be to converge on the capital Ottawa and remain there until the mandates are removed. Currently there are vaccine mandates for truckers both of the side of Canada and on the side of the United States of America (US).

Popular podcaster and former actor Russell Brand highlighted the hypocrisy of the mainstream media for almost totally blocking out news about the Freedom Convoy. He made the point that truck drivers, along with nurses and healthcare workers, were hailed as tremendous heroes for delivering food and other goods during the harsh lockdowns that the world endured over the last two years.[5] Now, the moment truckers stand and fight for freedom from scientifically and medically unjustifiable vaccine mandates and vaccine passports – the corporate media turns their heads and walks away. As soon as anyone steps outside the dominant Covid narrative, they are shunned or denounced as “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists”. Yet the tide is very definitely turning against the fraudulent Covid narrative.

Crumbling “pandemic” claims

Over and over again, Western governments repeat the mantra that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective”. Yet the data on adverse events after the taking of a Covid vaccine is there for all those who care to look. As of January 28, 2022, 61 654 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 9 755 085 injuries have been reported across the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) and the US.[6] In addition, reported deaths and injuries after taking Covid vaccines could be an indication of at most 10% of all deaths and injuries – the vast majority never going through the required reporting process. Even if Big Tech and Big Media censor all kinds of news and information that does not align with the official Covid narrative, they cannot stop word of mouth amongst the overwhelming mass of working people. Many workers know someone personally or know of friends or acquaintances who have been struck down with illness or have died soon after taking a first or second shot of Big Pharma’s “Covid” toxic brew. Firsthand experience cannot be censored by the government and its compliant media, no matter how much power they think they have.

Moreover, vaccine mandates over one’s employment are so obviously not about health care that most can see straight through it. Though they may not have an explanation for why, millions of workers feel in their gut that threatening the livelihood of people who are keeping whole societies running is dead wrong. Ditto for vaccine passports, which restrict human movement, enforce apartheid type discrimination, and degrade even those who comply. The Freedom Convoy in Canada, an extension of the freedom movement which has maintained mobilised opposition to Covid dictates for two years, is another shot in the arm for working people the world over. Indeed, the Canadian Freedom Convoy has led to truckers in Australia replicating the effort, with a similar convoy to the capital Canberra.[7]

While workers should mobilise in support of Freedom Convoys, it should be acknowledged that the default politics of the freedom movement – nationalism – presents a political roadblock. While it is understandable that participants in the Freedom Convoys unfurl Canadian or Australian flags to adorn their vehicles, waving the same flag as that of the government imposing Covid terror limits what can be achieved. While it appears as though the Covid agenda is being imposed globally, or over the top of “national sovereignty”, it rather is part of a class driven war. It is the capitalist class, particularly in Europe, the US and Australia, which is driving Covid madness against the working classes. The conservative bureaucratic caste ruling the People’s Republic of China (PRC) certainly helped coordinate the Covid agenda – but it emanated from Washington, London and Brussels.

Given this, from out of the freedom movement must emerge a real left, light years away from the fake left which wasted no time in kneeling before the throne of imperialism. From a popular people’s movement must emerge a pro-working class struggle to establish alternative organs of political power, which must then be defended against any attempt to disperse them. What is also required is a workers party which fights for a workers government, comprised of the most advanced and self-sacrificing proletarians committed to the establishment of collectively owned and planned economies. Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, lockdowns and other forms of tyranny can then be consigned to the cauldrons of the netherworld from which they emerged.



E: workersleague@redfireonline.com

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