Election Fraud: A New Normal for the Liberal World Order


21-11-2022: There is little so sacrosanct for what the mainstream media refers to as “democracy” than a parliamentary election. Candidates stand, backed by large or small parties, or as independents, and vie for hearts and minds of the masses, imploring them to place them in power. For over a hundred years, the various ruling classes of many countries in the West had no reason or need to fix election results. They controlled the media, owned the major parties, dominated the education system and civil society, and could thus retain political power regardless of which corporate backed “side” of official politics sat on the government benches in parliament. Yet this is no longer the case. The rise of what may be termed populism, and the immense political repression meted out under the guise of “Covid”, means that not only are masses of working people are rejecting traditional politics, many of them are repulsed by any semblance of liberalism. Hence, to ensure the viability of the “Liberal World Order”, election outcomes have to be guaranteed, by fair means or foul. Welcome to the New Normal.

US Mid Terms – keep counting until the Democrats “win”

US voters were even warned in advance of the 2022 Mid Term elections that they might have to wait weeks or months for the results to be finalised. Americans were told by various media outlets that it is “normal” for there not to be a result on election night.[1] The only problem is that this has never previously been the case in American political history. On election day, some voters were turned away from polling booths after being told the voter registration registry “didn’t turn up today” (!), and so were told to cast a paper ballot or come back later in the day (!).[2] Others were told to only use a Sharpie felt tip pen for voting, when many had used a ball point pen for every election for the previous 30 years. One tactic used was to make sure that most of the tabulation machines in closely contested counties “mysteriously” break down on polling day, as duly occurred.

Michele Swinick reported that the tabulation machines were tested the night before and were working smoothly. Yet early on election day, voters attempted to scan their ballots up to 15 times on the machines, before giving up. Poll workers estimated that only 1 in 10 ballots were scanned in the first three hours of voting. Voters were apparently given the choice to spoil their ballots or drop them in a “Door 3”, which would be counted manually “later”. Then technicians turned up at 3.30 in the afternoon, rebooted the tabulation machines, after which they worked fine![3]  From Maricopa County, Arizona to Mercer County, New Jersey tabulation machines simply malfunctioned en masse. In Luzerne County Pennsylvania, 44 polling stations reportedly ran out of paper to print ballots.[4] The contrived plan appeared to be to ensure tabulation machines stop functioning on the morning of the election, so voters would have to deposit them in a box for later “counting”, which is when bundles and bundles of ballots would be dumped – the votes for which just happen to be almost all for the Democrats. Then the “counting” of the votes would take days or weeks, after which they would finally announce the “result”. If all this sounds inordinately suspicious, it is because it certainly is.     

It is true that in Florida, Republican Governor Ron De Santis scored a large victory. Yet Florida, unlike Democrat controlled states, has strict voter ID, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots, no ballot drop boxes and no ballots accepted for days after the election.[5]                                                  Imagine, for a moment, if the government in Russia or Iran held an election, but did not announce the results of the election for days or weeks afterwards, claiming they were still counting the votes. Then when they eventually announce it, most of the results favoured one side which ran in the election. Not only would the US and European governments not calmly accept this, they would be likely to declare the election totally bogus, denounce the Russian and Iranian governments for corruption, and even demand a military intervention to bring about regime change. Yet much of the US media advised millions of working people in the US that waiting days and weeks for an election result is “normal” !

The US Mid Term election results, which largely favoured the Democrats, when inflation is out of control, and the funding and arming of Nazi infested Ukraine continues to the tune of billions of dollars, are at best highly implausible and at worst outright fraudulent. This follows the 2020 US Presidential Election, in which former President Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election appear to have large dollops of merit.[6] In fact, given the fact that in the days and weeks after, “President-elect” Biden was holed up in a building ringed by razor wire, surrounded by 20 000 National Guard troops, while signing dozens and dozens of executive orders – it’s reasonable to at least suggest that it was a coup.[7] Whether one loves or loathes Trump, the “deep state” ensured he was driven out of office.

Australia 2022 – PM sworn in before votes are counted

The Australian Federal Election of 2022 occurred on May 21st, hot on the heels of 2 years of horrific political repression under the guise of “Covid”. The severity of lockdowns in many cities was intense, with Australian troops enforcing them on the streets on Sydney, while the world’s longest were imposed in Melbourne. This led to eight anti-lockdown and pro-freedom parties running in the election, which the liberal elites were determined to keep out of office. In scenes which now appear comical, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was sworn into office on the first business day after the “election” – with only 72% of the vote counted. He immediately flew to Tokyo to meet US President Joe Biden and other members of the anti-China “Quad”. If that wasn’t enough, and with the ALP still short of the 76 seats needed to form government, the ALP’s Penny Wong flew to Fiji to warn Pacific Island nations about the “consequences” of signing security agreements with China.[8]

As in the recent US Mid Term elections, the final results were not announced for weeks after the election, if they were mentioned at all. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) had, until then, been one Australian government institution that was generally trusted. Not any more. Weeks before the Federal election, the AEC warned that there would be more disruptions to vote counting than usual, which could delay the final result.[9] How on earth did they know this weeks in advance, and before looking at even a single ballot?

 Apart from the United Australia Party (UAP), which was funded by mining magnate Clive Palmer, most of the pro-freedom parties had minimal funding or had candidates which ran as independents. The AEC used all manner of tricks to prevent these parties and candidates from being elected. One was not even providing a box to mark on the Senate ballot paper! The liberal Guardian newspaper tried to debunk the accusations of AEC fraud, but even one of its own articles showed a photograph of a ballot paper with a box with no names beside it.[10] When some Australian voters phoned the AEC to ask how they could vote for a candidate for which no name was provided, AEC staff gave flatly contradictory answers. Some claimed that ballot papers from the last election were used (!), while others stated that a blank box may mean that the candidate had withdrawn from the election (!).

At the very least, the AEC gave misleading information to the public regarding the voting process.[11] At worst, the AEC was the vehicle through which the liberal establishment took whichever means it could to prevent the election of those who questioned the Covid “pandemic” narrative, and those who fought against some of the most draconian “New Normal” measures applied anywhere in the world. This included vaccine mandates, stifling lockdowns, facemask mandates and even the operation of concentration camps.[12] The freedom parties, despite themselves probably identifying themselves as conservatives, were clearly putting forward political ideas challenging the very notion of a “New Normal”. Covid totalitarianism brooks no opposition, however, so electoral chicanery it was.

Lula “wins” in Brazil

The recent Presidential Election in Brazil supposedly delivered a win for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (“Lula”) over incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro by the slimmest of all possible margins – 50.9% to 49.1%.[13] President Bolsonaro himself had been warning of potential fraud in the election counting, not only from the personnel, but also the “Smartmatic” voting machines. Last year, he foresaw that elites within Brazil were manoeuvring to remove him from power, stating that he would be “arrested, killed or re-elected”.[14] Regardless of the suggested parallels between Trump and Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro retained a mass of popular support. It is unlikely that Lula, of the so-called Workers Party, this time retained anything like the popularity which he gained when he was first elected President in 2003.

Lula and his successor Dilma Roussef moved steadily to the right while in office, which led to the rise of Bolsonaro. Despite the differences between Brazil and the USA, if the liberal “left” move to the right, masses of working people will often move further to the right – regardless of whether or not they see themselves as conservatives. Thus, in the same way that Obama and Clinton in the US created Trump, Lula and Dilma in Brazil created Bolsonaro. Despite this, arguably Bolsonaro tacked left on Covid deceit, when he resisted lockdowns, facemask and vaccine mandates. He quite reasonably stated that Covid had been blown out of all proportion, for his compatriots to stop being “sissies”, and that Covid lockdowns were simply “crazy”.[15] The rational position of not toeing the nonsensical Covid narrative were one prime reason why the liberal left within the state apparatus of Brazil and within the so-called “globalist elite” – pulled all manner of strings to frog march him out of office.

As soon as the election “results” in Brazil were announced, Bolsonaro supporters took to the streets in protest. This was scarcely reported in the Western mainstream media. Yet the protests were of significant size and impact. Refusing to accept a seemingly contrived outcome, Bolsonaro supporters blocked roads and highways across the country. At one point there were over 600 roadblocks in place and days later roads remained blockaded in 15 out of Brazil’s 26 states, most notably in Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso, where Bolsonaro retains strong support.[16] Interestingly, Bolsonaro himself soon urged his supporters to lift these road blockades, even as some of his supporters were calling for a military coup to ensure he remain in power.

Regardless of one’s political opinions of Bolsonarism, there is clear evidence that the US state department were at least partially behind his removal from office. In August of 2021, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visited Bolsonaro in Brazil and delivered a stern message not to “mess around” with the elections. This was in response to Bolsonaro raising criticisms of the all-electronic voting system in Brazil, and his indication that he may not accept an election result unless another method was employed.[17] Much more recently, none other than CIA Director William Burns urged top Brazilian officials during multiple meetings to push Bolsonaro to stop spreading claims of widespread voter fraud and other forms of electoral malfeasance.[18] This takes the cake. When the CIA accuse you of spreading “disinformation”, it is at the very least a sign that something is up.

The twilight of bourgeois “democracy”

Deliberately disabling voting machines, declaring winners before votes are counted, taking weeks to “count” votes – all this and more is not just a sign of the corruption of the capitalist socio-economic formation. It is also a clear indicator that the working masses are breaking away from bourgeois ideology in ways that cannot be contained within the approximately 200-year-old parliamentary system. Working people cannot be convinced to continue to vote in enough numbers for the more than a century old establishment parties, and new parties that form cannot be trusted by the financial and corporate elite not to stray outside the increasingly narrow Overton window.

Both liberalism and conservatism are political dead ends for the working class, but ever since “Covid”, the ruling class has largely enforced its rule using pro-capitalist liberals. When some conservatives – despite themselves – break away from the dominant narrative (especially on Covid), rigging elections becomes the first option. The formation of a fascist party from outside traditional parliamentarism tends to be an option of last resort for finance capital. Lockdown fascism (strongly supported by the lockdown left[19]) was faithfully overseen by liberal parliamentary parties, so the ruling class is sticking with this formula even if Covid is not currently the main lever of working-class repression. The lockdown/Covid left, with a few exceptions, can also be relied upon to prosecute imperialist wars on Russia and China.

Needless to say, conservative populism a la Trump and Bolsonaro ultimately offer the wrong road for working people. Despite many sharp political disagreements with these formations, we understand why many workers may seek political answers in these spheres. Due to the right-wing records of Lula and Obama in office, and the nonsensical and often offensive antics of the identity, woke and “health” politics of the so-called left, there is a mass confusion of liberalism with socialism. Election fraud, wokeism, identity politics, intense focus on race, gender and sexuality issues – cannot be fought with old school conservative politics from the 70s and 80s. This holds even despite the fact that standard conservatism from those decades appears to be more progressive than today’s liberalism.

There are no solutions for working people to be found within its rapidly decaying political system of bourgeois democracy. Capitalism cannot be challenged, let alone removed and replaced, from within. Over 100 years ago, the Bolshevik party of Lenin and Trotsky tirelessly imbued the workers with the truism that democracy across different classes is impossible. There can be no democracy whatever with labour and capital in the same boat. Bourgeois democracy must give way to proletarian democracy, and proletarian democracy can only begin once the working class forms its own government and its own state through revolution. At that point, democracy expands a million times over until such a time when even it becomes superfluous. Today, the only way to draw workers away from conservative populism and towards real socialism is via the construction of internationally linked Marxist vanguard parties. Rejecting both the false solution of retro-conservativism and the irrational self-indulgence of the bogus left, such parties will find millions of workers willing to struggle for a future of collectivised and planned economies, where the interest of the individual and society finally coincide.



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Photo credit: http://www.nomadicpolitics.blogspot.com

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