Close the Covid Camps!

howard springs quarantine

Above: Image from the Howard Springs “quarantine centre” in the Northern Territory (NT), Australia.

14-12-2021: In early December, three Aboriginal teenage boys aged 15,16 and 17 escaped and attempted to flee the Howard Springs Covid quarantine camp in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). Despite testing negative to Covid the previous day, NT police immediately conducted a manhunt, recaptured them – and had the option to fine them $5000 each for the breakout.[1] The Aboriginal teens were not the first ones to attempt a jailbreak from Howard Springs. At the start of the year, a 33 year old Victorian woman threw her bags over a perimeter fence, scaled it, and walked out – only to be later caught by police.[2] In an act of bureaucratic doublespeak which would cause even George Orwell to turn in his grave, some of the Covid quarantine camps being built and operated in Australia are officially referred to as “Centres of National Resilience”.[3] For two decades, Australia became an international pariah for the practice of detention and torture of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war and economic devastation of their homelands. Now, under the guise of “Covid” the Australian ruling class enacts similar measures against “their own” citizens and indigenous people.

Historical lessons

Whether or not SARS-CoV-2 exists, and if it does, whether it causes a respiratory illness, there is no “pandemic” which warrants extraordinary measures – let alone the garrotting of liberal democracy. Even the Australian government’s own figures admit that the overall mortality rate even during the first 18 months of Covid (January 2020 to August 2021) was below historical averages.[4] Under any estimate, Covid presents no more cause for alarm than a seasonal influenza, which potentially could take the lives of some of the elderly and those with co-morbid health conditions each winter. Those with their critical thinking faculties intact can are likely to make the observation that Covid is being used as a universal cover for the ushering in of a totalitarianism which has striking similarities to that which Germany experienced under the rule of the Nazis in the 1930s.

Working people should be clear – the Covid quarantine facilities are concentration camps, which represent an indelible stain of the face of history. During the height of their rule the Nazis administered more than 40 000 concentration camps, which held mainly Jews, but also dissenters and political opponents. The Howard Springs concentration camp has the capacity to house 2000 people. The spine-chilling parallel with Auschwitz, the most infamous of the Nazi concentration camps, is that its gas chambers could poison 2000 people to death at one stroke.[5] Yet the return of concentration camps is not limited to Australia. The German state of Saxony has converted a refugee camp into a detention centre for quarantine “rule breakers”, with three other states set to follow. In the USA, the state of New York is considering Bill A416, which could allow the detention of suspected cases of Covid.[6] This is crowned by the Australian state of Victoria, whose “Pandemic Powers” Bill allows for the indefinite detention of those who are “likely to refuse or fail to comply” with lockdown regulations.

For freedom from tyranny

In a sense, the concentration camps are the culmination of lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, and domestic and international border shutdowns. The ruling class wields them in tandem with intense pressure to subject oneself (and your children) to the murderous lottery of experimental “vaccines”. The majority of working people are presented with a Covid ultimatum – potential death or permanent disablement by a forced injection, or extreme psychological distress in a concentration camp. Even Covid “close contacts” could be thrown into the Covid camps alongside the “unvaccinated”, and others who bravely resist the senseless mountain of rules and restrictions which have been drawn up and posted on some government website without even a facade of a review by a parliamentary committee. The Covid concentration camps must be permanently closed!

Concentration camps exude the unmistakable stench of fascism. Lockdown fascism is unlike its 20th century predecessors, in that it sees no need to construct a new far-right wing party or leader who builds and then is installed into the halls of political power. Conversely, lockdown fascism uses the existing parliament and their established parties in order to rule. In an open break with precedents, lockdown fascism utilises the political ideology of liberalism, “left-wing” progressive values and slogans of “public health” and “public safety”. This is why it has predominantly – but not exclusively – been implemented by capitalist liberal parliamentary parties, e.g., the Labor Party, the Democrats. Just as the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s maintained a parliament, a judiciary and universal suffrage, today’s lockdown fanatics do the same. Yet the rise of fascism can hardly be disputed in either case.

Lockdown fascism begins by targeting the “unvaccinated”, and excluding them from many parts of social, political and cultural life. Any system of apartheid is an abomination and must be fought along with demands to abolish Covid concentration camps. Due to the political flip which has occurred since the 20th century, the capitalist liberal parties, the Trade Union officials (not members) and the parties of the lockdown fake left have formed a single bloc to uphold and defend every element of Covid ideology – from facemasks to concentration camps. They do this while making spurious claims that the freedom movement which is resisting totalitarian rule is in fact a movement of “fascists” !! Not even the most creative science-fiction writer could have envisaged such a volte face – yet here we are.

Capitalism has been rotting alive since the “global” financial crisis of 2008, but it is now in a death spiral. If it is to survive, it has no option but to shed the pretence of pluralist democracy. This is the basic material reason for “Covid”, and for the extremely dangerous war provocations it is preparing against the non-imperialist powers – Russia and China. However, Covid repression is resisted by the largest political movement in history, which is grounds for well founded optimism. At the same time, the freedom movement needs political direction if it is to provide solutions. From protest it must begin to erect parallel structures of working-class political power – strike or workplace committees – which can then be defended against the fake left and the machinery of the capitalist state. In addition, a revolutionary vanguard party must be forged to guide the enormous untapped energy of millions of freedom fighters towards the one guarantor of victory – a workers’ republic.



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4 thoughts on “Close the Covid Camps!

  1. The levels of migration into Australia in last two decades is what? Zero or in the millions?
    International pariah in terms of who?
    The hyperglobalist?


    1. The Australian government detains refugees and asylum seekers who arrive by boat, in desert detention camps, or in Nauru, Papau New Guinea – or has done. This is why it is an international pariah.
      The main point of the article is to condemn the “Covid” internment camps and work towards their abolition.


      1. So the only ones arriving to Australia are ‘refugees and asylum seekers’? Who worked that one out? Or do we write anything to justify globalism? According to official govt data until 2015 around 1/3 of citizens are born abroad

        “Australia is considered to be one of the world’s major ‘immigration nations‘(together with New Zealand, Canada and the USA). Since 1945, when the first federal immigration portfolio was created, over 7.5 million people have settled here and Australia’s overseas-born resident population—estimated to be 28.2 per cent of the population in June 2015—is considered high compared to most other OECD countries”

        The article may be about Covid camps but the restrictions in freedoms were introduced long ago, when the Australian govt adopted hyperglobalist, mass replacement migration and replaced local labour with all and sundry. By supporting surplus labour either consciously or unconsciously you have laid the foundations of the 4th Industrial Counterrevolution.

        When you say international pariah to who do you refer? Globalists? Transnational corporations? Nation states are entitled to defend their borders. Cuba is an example.


        1. Of course there is migration in addition to refugees and asylum seekers, in many countries. “Surplus labour” is absurd – as if there is a fixed and final amount of jobs that exist for any length of time, in each country. Globalism? This can mean anything.
          We would reject any suggestion that the closure of international (or internal provincial) borders with the excuse of “Covid” is of any use to the working class, and indeed has caused great harm.


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