CDC Drives a Covid Mandate for Children


31-10-2022: In a little publicised move, 15 members of the US based CDC’s (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) advisory committee (ACIP) recently voted unanimously to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the agency’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) program.[1] This means that if US states follow CDC edicts, the Covid vaccine would be a mandatory requirement alongside other vaccines required for a child’s entry into public schools. This move appears like a bolt from the blue, given that even US President Joe Biden publicly declared only last month that “the pandemic is over”.[2] Millions of working people and small business owners across the globe who marched and demonstrated against lockdowns, vaccine mandates and the abolition of elementary democratic and civil rights for 2.5 years would likely disagree that there ever was a “pandemic”, or at least may view Covid as a rhetorical cover for another agenda entirely. Nevertheless, if the Covid vaccine is placed in the childhood schedule for schools, it allows the CDC to do automatic purchasing, which bypass Congressional budgets. In practice this means that the US Congress will not have a say in its funding.[3]

Danger for young people

There is zero need to vaccinate children against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, assuming it exists and actually leads to a respiratory illness. A study led by Dr John Ioannidis, a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Stanford University, found that the infection fatality rate (IFR) for Covid-19 in the age bracket of 0 to 19 years is 0.0003%,[4] or almost impossible in other words. This is aside from the very real danger of injury and death as a result of taking a Covid vaccine, as the accumulating evidence has been demonstrating ever since the Covid vaccine rollout began. Even according to the CDC’s own Vaccine and Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), 159 children have died, 1200 have become disabled, 14 500 have been hospitalised, and 55 000 injured in the USA alone up to September, 2022.[5] Internationally, the JAMA medical journal just released a study which found that one in every 500 children under 5 years of age who received the Pfizer Covid vaccine are hospitalised by it.[6]

The topper to that is the study from Thailand which found that 29% – almost a third – of adolescents injected with the Covid vaccine sustained adverse cardiovascular effects including myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).[7] Sweden has banned the use of the Moderna Covid vaccine for those aged under 30,[8] while Denmark halted the use of Covid vaccines for those under 18.[9] It should be clear that young children, who have the most robust immune systems of all age groups, do not require pharmaceutical intervention to protect them from whatever Covid may actually be. More than this, there is abundant and still accumulating evidence which indicates that Covid vaccines are in fact the most dangerous product for children’s health that can be administered. That the CDC would attempt to impose an effective Covid vaccine mandate on children, seemingly behind closed doors and with little fanfare – speaks not only to the degenerate nature of corporate funded “regulatory bodies”, but to the diabolical intent of the Covid terror imposed by many governments worldwide.

Resist liberal enforcement of “health”

Of course, it is not only children who are at risk from Covid vaccines. The phenomena of people who “died suddenly” is growing. As of October 2022, 80 Canadian doctors have “died suddenly”,[10] and it doesn’t take much deductive reasoning to arrive at the likely reason why. Yet as the “pandemic” narrative recedes, those who drove it are now often revealing some truths about what has been done. A Pfizer executive recently revealed that not only were their Covid-19 vaccines not designed to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, they were not even tested to see if they did so.[11] This admission exposes virtually the entire rationale for the insane drive towards vaccine mandates, which reached fever pitch during 2021 and into the start of 2022. The elites behind Covid tyranny knew precisely what they were doing, and it was quite the opposite of anything resembling “public health”.

Thankfully, the Governors of more than 10 states in the US have publicly come out against adding the Covid shots to their school mandates.[12] Yet workers cannot rely on libertarian inclined conservative politicians to shield them from draconian impositions administered by liberal politicians, because the cause lies much deeper than establishment politics. Arguably, Western capitalism has been in severe economic crisis since 2008 and has never recovered. This is ultimately what has driven multiple new imperialist wars since then, including but not limited to, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. This is also what is behind dozens of imperialist backed regime change attempts via covert funding and arming of “opposition” groups including Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, Chile, Colombia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Belarus, Armenia, Iran, Afghanistan and more. All of these are aimed at the ultimate regime change targets – the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Even though the governments of Russia and the PRC upheld and enforced Covid terror, the “pandemic” was perhaps only the precursor to the long-planned wars against Russia and the PRC. This could well mean nuclear war, a prospect which the many in the West can scarcely believe their rulers would contemplate. Yet if these elites were prepared to subject working people to 2.5 years of lockdowns, concentration camps and an attempted genocide with a potentially deadly vaccine – can we really be surprised that they are willing to risk a nuclear conflagration? They cannot allow Russia to control their own affairs, and nor can they allow the PRC’s largely collectivised and planned economy to surpass them. They have little option but to engage in seemingly mindless destruction.

At a minimum, workers must demand not only the total abolition of all vaccine mandates, but the complete withdrawal of all Covid vaccines from medical practice internationally. Never again should the toiling masses allow liberal “progressive” rhetoric to cover for a diabolical plan of state terror. To firmly ensure the health and well being of all, the socio-economic mode of production based on private profit for a handful of billionaires must be overturned and replaced with a system of workers’ republics. Those who labour must rule in the transition to integrated and publicly owned planned economies.



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