A Silent Slaughter

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01-09-2022: It is a villainy which dares not speak its name. Those who did not fall for the Covid “pandemic” narrative know very well what is occurring. Others who retain some notion of a circulating pathogen, but could not fully explain the draconian political and social repression which came with most government led actions in its name, are gradually confronting the sheer horror of what is unfolding. Only the most hardened government and establishment apologists remain convinced that a virus threatened the globe and any measures taken to allegedly deal with it were justified. The latter are now depleting in number but remain the de-facto sociological base of the ruling elites of the West. Regardless, the evidence that the Covid injections – somewhat euphemistically termed “vaccines” – are producing debilitating injury and death for millions of people, has become undeniable.

Appalling adverse reactions

Adverse vaccine reactions, from severe injury to death, are now a commonplace result of being injected with the “Covid” mRNA syringes. Most of it is not being reported, much of it is being denied, but many personally know a friend or family member, or a friend or acquaintance, who has been struck down in some way. This, while many professionals in the field estimate that no more than 1% of the Covid vaccine adverse reactions are ever reported, and the real figure of those harmed could be 100 times higher.[1] The dire consequences include: permanent paraplegia (paralysis of legs), chronic fatigue, chronic dizziness, constant severe pain, tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears which can lead to suicides), strokes, sudden heart attacks causing death, miscarriages in pregnant women, migraines, loss of control of bowel and bladder function, blood clots and much more.[2] Following the Covid injections, some are unable to speak or swallow, some lose the ability to walk, some have their immune system severely degraded, some have tremors and memory problems, some develop Bells Palsy (paralysis of the face). Some recover from these awful afflictions, but many do not.

Not content with injecting whole populations, many of whom were threatened and bullied into doing so, politicians rolled out “booster” shots, which makes the danger of injury or death even higher. A study in New Zealand found that there was a 10% increase in excess mortality rates for those age groups which had booster shots.[3] In New Zealand, the primary Covid vaccine was Pfizer. In January this year, Pfizer trial documents showed that the corporation attempted to cover up the fact that 100% of injected pregnant women lost their unborn babies.[4] In the US, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used flawed data to then push for infants and children to be injected with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.[5] Prior to 2020, it was inconceivable that teenagers in general would experience heart problems. Yet a study from Thailand of 13- to 18-year-olds revealed a “stunning” link between the Pfizer BioNTech Covid vaccine and myocarditis.[6] Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart, causing it to weaken and thus negatively affect the ability of the organ to pump blood around the body.

Cancer accelerator

On the surface it might be difficult to believe that a vaccine can cause or accelerate the growth of cancer after injection. Yet this is what we are seeing with the Covid shots. The DNA repair pathway is one of the mechanisms that the human body uses to stop your cells from turning cancerous in response to environmental stress. Last October, a scientific paper was released which showed that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterated the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes (white blood cells).[7] With a barely functioning DNA repair function, there is little to stop the spike protein accelerating the growth of cancerous cells. In sworn testimony, some high-ranking US military doctors reported a 296% increase in the incidence of cancer amongst service personnel following the uptake of Covid vaccines.[8] The millions of workers who risked their employment and ability to make a living by refusing a Covid vaccine mandate may have suffered economic loss – but they certainly kept their health intact.

If the Covid vaccine rollout was just about making yet more billions for Big Pharma, the Covid injections would have contained a saline solution or some other harmless substance. Given that the Covid shots are potentially deadly, it cannot avoid being labelled what it is – a genocide. Many fell prey to the immense ideological and political pressure which the ruling classes of the West pummelled their working populations with in and around the year 2021, and so they struggle even now to connect increasing mortality rates with the Covid injections. Even news of this realisation is not being reported in the mainstream media, or there is simple suppression of those who blurt out the obvious. In many ways, it is a silent slaughter which many privately admit is happening in the background.

The plan of administering a vaccine on the grounds of “health”, when it clearly has genocidal intent, is something so diabolical that many in the freedom movement turn to religion in the search for explanations. Yet there is a very earthly reason for such evil – the dire crisis of capitalism, and the manifest bankruptcy of a class divided society. Imperialism is well aware that it cannot allow itself to be overtaken or in any way challenged by the Russian Federation or the People’s Republic of China and will thus go to ANY lengths to maintain its waning supremacy. This includes deliberate lockdowns, shutting down economies, vaccine mandates and other forms of thinly veiled fascism. While it is true that the political leaderships of Russia and China also enforced “pandemic” repression – though to different degrees – it was the ruling classes of the US and the EU which launched the Covid civil war and are now in the process of potentially triggering a civilisation endangering nuclear war.

Covid totalitarianism, genocidal vaccines, climate tipping points, food shortages, skyrocketing energy price rises, the drums of war – all of these scourges have one source, and therefore one solution. Long ago, Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism, discovered that humanity has no way forward other than the socialisation of the means of production under the revolutionary democratic administration of the working class. Today’s critically urgent task is the forging of internationally linked Leninist vanguard parties and the rallying of the toiling masses behind their own banner of workers’ power.



E: workersleague@redfireonline.com

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Photo credit: http://www.davidicke.com

4 thoughts on “A Silent Slaughter

  1. “Only the most hardened government and establishment apologists remain convinced that a virus threatened the globe and any measures taken to allegedly deal with it were justified.”

    Only those ones and the World Socialist Web Site who are now embarking on a multi-volume “History of COVID” detailing the zombie holocaust whilst sombrely intoning:

    “The COVID-19 pandemic is only the first plague of the twenty-first century.”

    But we all know they received the script way back in spring 2020.


      1. The dismal display is here and is worth reading for a laugh:


        Look at the following height of delusion:

        “As the virus spread, a veil of silence was imposed by the corporate media and political establishment through the end of February 2020, covering up the growing dangers facing society.”

        I guess that’s why nobody heard about covid. No lockdowns, no masks, no distancing!!!!!


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