NATO’s Failing Proxy War


Above: Russian investigators scour the site of the assassination of Darya Dugina, the daughter of intellectual Alexander Dugin, on the Mozhayskoye Highway outside Moscow on August 21.

25-08-2022: In an act of wanton savagery, Darya Dugina was assassinated outside Moscow last week, blown to pieces by an explosive device placed on the vehicle belonging to her father Alexander Dugin.[1] Russian authorities are swiftly investigating, but it is highly likely that the culprit is the Nazi infested Ukrainian shell government, with the connivance of the NATO powers. Alexander Dugin is a Russian philosopher and intellectual, who was giving a lecture on “Tradition and History” at a family festival in the Moscow Region. His daughter Darya attended the event as a guest, and drove her father’s Toyota Prado 4WD with no knowledge that an explosive device had been placed under the drivers side. Alexander Dugin decided at the last minute to ride in another vehicle[2], and now has to deal with an unbearable loss, knowing that he himself was the likely target. Whether the bomb was ignited by a timer or was detonated remotely while the perpetrators knew who was driving the vehicle, the operation was an unspeakable terrorist act[3] which seeks to provoke Russia even further.

Dugin as “Putin’s Rasputin” ??

Despite wild claims in the Western corporate media that Dugin was “Putin’s Brain”, or “Putin’s Rasputin”, there is little evidence that Dugin has even met Russian President Putin, and he has never held any Russian government role.Dugin has developed positions of conservative nationalism, and firmly backed the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. Yet he is hardly alone in this position, as the overwhelming majority of Russians understand that the Russian government is conducting a defensive action in Ukraine against what is essentially a proxy regime change war waged by Washington and London via NATO. Despite Western media claims, Dugin is not influential with the Kremlin and is not a mainstream public figure within Russia. He has only become a totem for ultra-nationalists who believe President Putin is too moderate in foreign policy.[4] While Darya appeared to share such positions with her father, the murder of either for expressed views and opinions, or for writing books developing a rationale for such a perspective, is of course beyond intolerable.

While the Kremlin may be wise to distance itself from some of Dugin’s theories, in practice Dugin is arguably a product of Russia trying to find its way ideologically and politically after the collapse of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Dugin’s development of what he terms “The Fourth Political Theory” is – to a certain extent – being adopted. Dugin claims that liberalism, communism and fascism were the first three political theories which emerged roughly in chronological order, and each one of them has allegedly proven to be a failure. To avoid sliding back into communism and fascism, so his argument goes, a fourth political theory which rejects liberalism and “globalism” is necessary.[5] In reality, Dugin makes the common error of confusing communism with Stalinism. That is, he imagines that the lack of political and democratic rights for working people in the USSR post 1924 was due to “socialism”, rather than a political counter-revolution led by a nationalist bureaucracy. Dugin’s nationalism today in fact somewhat mirrors Stalin’s nationalism. Both recoil in horror at the working-class internationalism which animated Lenin, Trotsky and the October Revolution of 1917.

Washington’s stumbling war

The debate within Russia about its political direction aside, the gruesome assassination of Dugin’s daughter is just one of the intentional provocations which the NATO powers seem to be orchestrating, in order to drag out their stumbling war in Ukraine. Washington insiders are no doubt aware that there is no chance of defeating Russia by funneling weapons and ammunition to a Ukrainian army which is sustaining heavy losses on a daily basis. The aim seems to be to bog down Russia as long as possible, and arguably prevent a complete Russian victory before the November mid-term elections in America. Such a level of cynicism is not at all beyond Western imperialism. In fact, some have speculated that the aim of the US ruling class is to sacrifice as many Ukrainian lives as is conceivable, so that the Russian post-war governing of what remains of Ukraine will be made as arduous as can be. After all, a Ukrainian who has had a family member killed by a war with Russia is likely to retain bitter enmity towards what is likely to be a Russian administration for decades to come.

The slaughter of Darya Dugina indicates NATO’s desperation to at least stem the tide of their faltering proxy war. Another indicator is the Ukrainian shelling of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which was taken by Russian troops months earlier. Ivan Nechaev, a spokesperson for Russia’s foreign ministry, warned that Kiev’s attacks on the territory of the Zaporizhia plant is an act of nuclear terrorism, which risks a catastrophe far exceeding the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the 1980s.[6] For its part, the Kiev regime makes absurd claims that it is the Russians who are shelling the plant[7] to create a false flag! Russians would fire missiles at themselves, on ground they patrol? Hardly.

The NATO backed Kiev cabal have also recently carried out sabotage attacks on Russia’s Saki airbase in Crimea, which followed a strike on an ammunition dump in the region.[8] These attacks arguably mark a shift in tactics to guerilla war on the part of the Nazi saturated Ukrainian forces. Currently, Russia’s overwhelming military advantage, combined with a humming economy which can re-supply almost limitless amounts of ammunition and battle hardware, mean that there is no possibility that the depleted Ukrainian forces can either hold or re-take territory already held by Russia. Its resort to nihilistic assassinations and sabotage which risk deadly explosions signifies the utter despair of Washington and London whose proxy war on Russia is backfiring spectacularly. Militarily, economically and politically, the NATO powers are suffering more damage themselves than the little they can inflict.

NATO’s failing proxy war on Russia is yet another indicator that US and European capitalism is on its last legs, and that the dominance of the West over the globe is coming to an end, or has ended. This is the good news that workers must grasp in a scenario which appears gloomy on the surface. Yet while working people should bloc with Russia and China against decrepit imperialism, the governments of the East will not lead the way forward to socialism, and the burying of national wars forever. As the Covid fear pandemic demonstrated, these governments are more likely to assist, rather than combat, the West. Hence, there is an urgent need for the construction of vanguard parties with a foundation of genuine Marxism, and the raising of the international proletariat to a position of political power.



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