For A Permanent End To Lockdown Terror!

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02-07-2021: As at June 30, more than 12 million Australians are in lockdown – reportedly with 2 people in intensive care units (ICU) and no one on a ventilator. Nearly 18 months after “two weeks to flatten the curve”, the Covid narrative barely has a leg to stand on. Whether or not the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists, there is no “pandemic”, and there is no “health emergency”. If there was, world governments would not have to even try to convince people of the presence of danger. The spurious claims of a suspiciously named Delta variant, which is allegedly both more deadly and more contagious than the original, are farcical to those who possess a scintilla of critical thought. Rather, the latest phase of the Covid-19 psy-op has been wheeled out to justify more lockdowns, forced facemasks, border closures, economic shutdowns, job cuts, vaccine passports and a dangerous “Covid vaccine” rollout.[1]

Devastation of lockdowns

Arguably the worst impact of lockdowns is the drastic damage to the mental health of the most vulnerable, and to those who are losing hope for the future. A recent study found that 1 in 10 Victorians seriously contemplated suicide during the height of the lockdowns enforced in that state during 2020.[2] Young people, unpaid carers and those with a disability were found to be among the most affected. When young people have little or no expectation that their lives will be fulfilling, we can be rest assured that the entire system is rotting alive, and desperately needs replacing. The sudden impact of on again, off again lockdowns, with all the uncertainty it brings – is the major factor in creating a situation where masses of working people are seeking immediate solutions. In such conditions, revolution no longer appears as a wild or romantic idea, but one worth serious consideration.

The cleavages in society have become palpable. We are now dealing with divisions over the very interpretation of reality itself. The evidence is now overwhelming that Covid is a cover for a political agenda of mass repression and economic destruction from which billionaires benefit. Yet as CJ Hopkins has advised, we are not currently in a rational debate with both sides considering evidence for their respective cases.[3] We are not dealing with the sober assessment of facts. We can show the Covid proponents scientific studies which find that facemasks offer no discernible protection and are even harmful. We can point to innumerable studies showing the skyrocketing incidences of domestic violence under lockdowns. We can point to doctors noticing the terrible psychological effect on children that occurs when they are prevented from going to school and seeing their friends. We can show figures which outline how many workers have been thrown out of employment and are struggling to feed themselves. Covid advocates are immune to all of this. This is not a debate or a discussion – for they will not allow it. This is totalitarianism, which brooks no dissent. Even if its subscribers view themselves psychologically as humanitarians, social practice demonstrates the opposite.

Covid is the class line

This is because Covid has defined the class line. Despite all the various shades of opinion on both sides, those who uphold lockdowns and a Covid vax stand on the side of the ruling elites, and those who oppose or even just resent lockdowns and the Covid agenda, stand on the side of the oppressed masses. In other words, those backing Covid defend big capital, while those exposing the Covid fraud defend the well-being of toiling humanity. The political rule of big capital has coincided with the rise and now rapid decline of liberal democracy. The descent of liberal democracy into today’s lockdown lunacy is the most dramatic expression of the fact that capitalism is now so outdated and outmoded, it has devolved into a form of fascism in a dire attempt to save itself. To survive today, capital must attack the wages and living conditions of the working class. To carry out the sheer scale of the assault, capital enlists the most extreme form of political repression ever enacted – lockdowns.

Even if the ruling class has lifted lockdowns in some places, or impose only “snap” short lockdowns, the Covid agenda has an entire scheme attached – tracking and tracing, vaccine passports, mass vaccination with an experimental and highly dangerous injection, state and national border shutdowns, border passes or visas to move or travel domestically, and on and on. This is an insidious program, which if not stopped will create a two-tier society – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, or the clean and unclean. The ruling class is deliberately fostering and fomenting conflict amongst the masses. The “enemy” becomes the “unclean”, rather than the government and the oligarchs themselves.

The most willing foot soldiers of the wealthiest billionaires in history have been Union officials (not members) and parties of the fake left. In contrast to the 20th Century, big capital has opted to use the existing establishment parties of liberalism to impose lockdown fascism. Bourgeois Labor parties, the Democrats in the US, Union officials and organisations making risible claims to be “socialist” have combined to enforce the Covid agenda on disoriented and dismayed workers. As a result, those resisting lockdowns have largely – but not entirely – turned to the right for leadership.

However, lockdowns and the Covid agenda will not be permanently ended without the overthrow of the governments imposing them. This stark reality faces the heroic sections of the masses which have mobilised in their millions around the world for freedom. This movement is critically important and workers must join and build this movement irrespective of different interpretations of what “freedom” means in practice. ALL aspects of lockdowns must be defeated: the injection, job cuts, deliberate economic collapse, tracking and tracing, facemasks, border closures, quarantine camps and so on. Yet the anti-lockdown movement must move in a pro-working class direction to achieve its aims. A popular movement is bound within certain limits. To this end, we advance the demands for:

  1. A six-hour work day
  2. Public ownership of energy, infrastructure, banks
  3. A workers’ government



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[2] (30-06-2021)

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