Thailand Could Move to Nullify Pfizer Contracts


11-02-2023: Thailand could be the first country to nullify contracts, and potentially seek billions of dollars in compensation, from Big Pharma corporation Pfizer over the supply of Covid mRNA vaccines.[1] This development comes to light after Thailand’s Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of the Thai King, collapsed while jogging with her dogs, with some reports stating she had a heart attack. King Vajiralongkorn reportedly flew by helicopter to be with his daughter, who is potentially the next in line to the throne, but is currently in a coma.[2] Heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and other serious injuries are now known to be potential outcomes of being injected with the Covid mRNA vaccines which were thrust upon millions around the world by unscrupulous politicians and governments, supposedly to counter a “pandemic”. Some governments, like Thailand’s, probably felt an obligation to uphold the Covid narrative, given sustained political pressure of the West.

Advice from uniquely placed expert

This could be about to change, and lead to other governments around the world following suit. Princess Bajrakitiyabha was 44 years old, and in good health until she sustained the Covid injections. German-Thai Professor Sucharit Bhakdi – probably by virtue of his Thai background – has been requested by the Thai King to brief the Thai Royal Court.[3] After some initial meetings with some Thai officials, Dr Bhakdi mentioned in an interview afterwards that the Thai officials had reacted with horror at being told that the perilous health of the Princess could be due to the Pfizer supplied Covid vaccines, and appeared to vow to withdraw Thailand from any contractual obligations to the Big Pharma corporation. Dr Bhakdi was one of the most prominent and eminently qualified microbiologists who risked his reputation to speak out against the highly politicised Covid propaganda which many governments fuelled during 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Dr Bhakdi stated early in the “pandemic” that your immune system is your best defence against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and indeed all coronaviruses. Further, he emphasised that if you have been infected, even if you experienced no symptoms whatever, you will remain immune to all variants.[4] In February 2021, Dr Bhakdi and a number of his colleagues warned the European Medicines Agency about the potential danger of blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis in millions of people receiving the experimental gene-based injections.[5] At the time, medical professionals who gave such warnings were risking their whole careers – but they turned out to be right. Today, even in parts of the Western corporate media, there are admissions about the “mistakes” of the Covid years – on natural vs artificial immunity, school shutdowns, disease transmission, aerosol spread, facemask mandates, vaccine safety, and much more.[6] Some of the other effects of Covid vaccines are not so easily admitted, even after this time. For example, some government reports themselves confirm that the Covid vaccines foster and accelerate cancer,[7] potentially leading to a drastically shorter and more painful life for many.

A civil war

Many people understandably wish to move on from Covid, get back to their lives, and hope that such an occurrence never returns. Yet what was done by politicians, governments and states during this time can never be forgotten, and certainly can never be forgiven. “Covid” was a cover for a civil war launched by finance capital against working and oppressed people. There was no “science” behind lockdowns, vaccine mandates, facemask mandates, the closure of state and national borders, the shutting down of whole sections of the economy, the shuttering of churches, bars, restaurants, gyms, parks, beaches and on and on. The raft of logically absurd rules and restrictions were blatantly illegal, even according to the law which overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy elite. Unmistakably, Covid was a form of fascism, turned on for a certain period, and turned off again once it had reached a limit.

Covid was indeed part of a “Great Reset”, i.e., an attempt to re-start a faltering capitalist system which had basically endured over ten years of recession since 2008. Enormous levels of political repression were required to prevent working people from rising up against the intolerable conditions forced upon them. In addition, the ruling classes of the West had to skillfully use politics to their own advantage. They did this by enlisting the “progressive” forces, under the guise of imposing “public health restrictions”. Liberal political forces, from almost all parliamentary parties to old Trade Union officials to self-proclaimed “socialist” parties willingly enforced capitalist state repression. In acts of supreme projection, they labelled the vast sections of the working class who protested against lockdowns and vaccine mandates as “far-right” and “fascists”. These fake left entities did this while aiding and abetting the police and the military in the banning of free speech, the banning of movement (!) freedom of assembly and a whole host of the most basic and elementary democratic rights.

Arguably, the global capitalist class knew in advance that a world war against Russia and China is their only hope to pull their system out of rapid decay, and thus they conducted a rehearsal of the working class repression they may well need during such a catastrophic war. While it is true that the political leadership of China perhaps led the intense Covid propaganda, this was perhaps another vain attempt to prove to the Western leaders that they can be trusted to police “their own” people. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), with its state-owned banks, and largely nationalised industry and commerce, nonetheless remains the ultimate target for imperialist backed regime change. Washington, London and Brussels cannot hope to compete with a vast and predominantly state-owned and state-directed economy based on the largest population on the planet.

As insane as it sounds, a world war is likely to be the West’s only option. This cannot be allowed to stand. The working class in the East and the West needs determined leadership, which can only be forged on the basis of unfalsified Marxism. Fascism, war, environmental desecration, poverty – not to speak of near genocidal vaccines and lockdowns – need to be tossed into the dustbin of history.



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Photo: Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who is now in a coma following Pfizer Covid injections.

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