No to NATO’s War!


Above: Part of the aftermath of the explosive sabotage carried out against the underwater Nordstream pipelines.

29-09-2022: The world stands closer to nuclear annihilation today than at any other time in history. The responsibility for this impending catastrophe lies entirely with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the anti-Russia military alliance of the collective West. NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg in practice has no authority at all; he is rather an administrator who operates under US command.[1] NATO is comprised of the governments of US allies in Europe, but ultimately it is Washington which calls the shots. And right now, it is pushing with breakneck recklessness for a nuclear confrontation with Russia, abandoning any pretence it has of only supporting Ukraine with weapons, money and “advisors”. The re-taking of Kharkov by NATO led Ukrainian forces[2] – after Russian forces simply withdrew – just weeks ago, is already looking like chump change.

Russia warns the US again
The referenda proposed for the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye – which give them the option of joining the Russian Federation – once again puts the US and their European Union (EU) allies on direct notice. If, as expected, these regions vote to join Russia – these vast regions will very quickly become Russian territory. Then, there is no longer a “Special Military Operation”, with limited rules of engagement for Russian forces. If the NATO led Nazi backed Ukrainian military launches any assault over any of the new borders, Russia will respond. President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Russia has weapons more advanced than the West, and that it will use them if the territory of Russia is threatened, is indeed not a “bluff”.[3] It was yet another warning – for the hundredth time – to the US rulers that its nuclear arsenal is not only matched by Russia, but Russia also has hypersonic missiles. These projectiles accelerate at many times the speed of sound, and virtually cannot be intercepted by any defence the US military can muster.

The people of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye have been waiting for 8 years for a chance to rejoin what they regard as their homeland. The heroic peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk rejected the NATO backed Nazi coup in Kiev in 2014, and defended themselves, with thousands losing their lives. As soon as these regions (Novorossiya) become a part of the Russian Federation, the US state has in practice two options. 1. Acknowledge the new geopolitical reality by ordering Kiev to withdraw or 2. Provoke Russia into using tactical nuclear weapons by ordering Kiev to launch a last-ditch massive invasion.[4] The macabre cynicism with which the US/EU has waged their war so far, which has resulted in the loss of countless Ukrainian lives, and a lesser number of Russian lives, may not yet be finished.

The fallout from even a “limited” nuclear war will be incalculable. Arguably, the entirety of this war could have been avoided IF Washington had simply given Moscow an assurance that Ukraine would never be a part of NATO. Yet that would virtually mean an abandoning of 20 years of irrational, hysterical and even racist Russophobic propaganda from the West, and an admission that this was at least partially wrong. Yet the US/EU ruling classes are primed to resort to any means to achieve its ends, even if this means arming and funding Nazis, tearing the world into pieces or even nuclear Armageddon.

One struggle, one fight

Working people the world over cannot allow NATO to destroy the world, by intention or by accident. It is necessary to acknowledge, first of all, that this predicament is a continuation of the previous 2.5 years of repression, and is not at all separate from it. Covid was scarcely about a “pandemic”, but was rather an elaborate attempt to re-start or re-set the capitalist mode of production in a vain attempt to counter the gigantic economic power of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the economic, military and political co-operation with Eurasia that is but one result. The PRC’s economic power stems from its public ownership of the strategic means of production and a planned economy, where private profit is NOT the overarching goal. Treacherously however, the governments of the PRC and Russia capitulated to the West on the fraudulent Covid agenda, and adopted it – albeit to different degrees.

The level of political repression under the guise of Covid was not as severe – in parts – in Russia or the PRC. For example, while the PRC implemented some of the harshest lockdowns, it was not able to impose vaccine mandates. The working class in the West, on the other hand, suffered job losses, unmitigated and logic-defying restrictions – up to and including concentration camps. Historically unprecedented political repression, and a “health” justification, was needed to prevent the working class from resisting the loss of their means of subsistence, not to speak of the crushing weight of a medical fascism. Predictably, the extremely violent 2.5 year attempt to re-start capitalism did not have enough of an effect to restore acceptable rates of profit for the largest corporate magnates. The imperialist West cannot just allow the PRC to continue with at least triple the economic growth of the US and the EU. It cannot just compete – it must wage war even at the cost of its own destruction.

The explosive sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipelines[5] – almost certainly carried out by the US state – comes hot on the heels of numerous demonstrations across Europe and especially Germany,[6] for the re-opening of Nordstream. This terror act seems to be aimed specifically at preventing the possibility of even preliminary peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. This also could lead to massive job losses in Europe, as industry finds it can barely operate without affordable energy. Moreover, it could potentially drive millions of working people into poverty, as well as acute suffering due to a lack of heating during a freezing winter. Only the wealthy classes will be fully shielded from the economic devastation that will be one consequence of this diabolical act of deliberate vandalism.

NATO must be disarmed before it imperils the globe. The question is who can do this, and how? This task falls to the working class, the only class in society which has no material interest in the maintenance of the capitalist mode of production, and the means to achieve its overthrow. Yet the working class in general currently lacks the political leadership required for the building of their own organs of state power, which can then be defended against the inevitable counter-revolution. This can change quickly, provided advanced workers can shed illusions in the remnants of the old system, and can make an irrevocable political break with liberalism. A genuine workers’ party based on unfalsified Marxism would help lead working people to the ending of the catastrophic rule of finance capital. Lift the sanctions on Russia! Open Nordstream! Abolish NATO! For a union of workers’ republics!


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