A Struggle for Abortion Rights?


08-07-2022: When is a campaign for reproductive rights for women not so in reality?  When it is a foil for the latest political manoeuvre of the Empire, that’s when. Towards the end of June, the US Supreme Court overturned almost 50 years of federal abortion rights during the first two trimesters, by reversing the historic Roe vs Wade ruling of 1973. Almost half of US states are expected to now outlaw or severely restrict the right of women to access abortion services.[1] Yet this did not come out of nowhere, as over a month earlier, a leak of a draft US Supreme Court decision which presaged the overturning of Roe vs Wade. A leak of this kind was virtually unprecedented in US history, and there is still speculation about whether the leak from within the legal system was by someone from the pro-choice or pro-life camp.[2] Within days of the overturning of Roe vs Wade, pro-choice protestors clamoured outside the residences of US Supreme Court Justices, in a not so subtle attempt to intimidate them into reinstating legal access to abortion services for women.[3]

Limitless liberal hypocrisy

For over five decades, the cardinal agitational slogan of the pro-choice movement was “My Body, My Choice!”, which correctly outlined the avowal that only a woman herself should make the decision whether or not she is able and willing to give birth and care for a child. If the government, politicians or other state representative had the power to decide whether or not women will change their life outcomes, then they have no rights at all. Yet almost the entirety of the liberal political spectrum, which included ostensible “socialists” – the Covid left – reversed this elementary right as if on demand when lockdowns began in March 2020. When it was a question of abortion rights for women, it was “My Body, My Choice!”, with no qualifications. However, under the immense pressure of world imperialism degenerating into a detestable and strange new form of bio-fascism, the liberal ensemble and the Covid left jettisoned “My Body, My Choice!” and replaced it with “My Body, the government’s Choice!”

Dutifully, liberalism then went on to enforce the deadly Covid vaccines on anyone who dared to question the dictates the world’s wealthiest billionaires and their quisling politicians announced. The Covid left stood reality on its head and pointed accusing “fascist” fingers at the freedom movement. So much for women’s rights! Now, they expect us to believe, after two and a half years, that they are the leading forces committed to bringing about a social and political environment most conducive to the ability of women and their families to raise children if they so choose. What about the women who have perished or have been permanently injured by the Covid injections, which many took only to save their employment? Indeed, what about the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has recently “approved” Covid shots for children down to six-month old babies, despite 179 000 people passing away within 60 days of the needle in the UK alone?[4] The lives and well-being of women and their children are only worth protecting, according to these charlatans, when it accords with the political needs of the elite classes. Even half-aware workers took note that these former champions of progressive values switched to the side of corporate state power without blinking at the first test.

What is it really about?

Under normal circumstances, alert workers and the left would throw themselves into a political battle to attain reproductive rights for women. Yet that is not the case with the current “struggle for abortion rights”. Just as Covid repression and its fraudulent “pandemic” was never about healthcare, the overturning of Roe vs Wade on June 24 is not about women and their welfare. It is just the latest stage-managed plot to whip up a “left” vs “right” set piece battle in order to assist Joe Biden and the Democrats in the November mid-term elections and maintain the “pandemic” slow-burn political agenda in the wake of the failing proxy war on Russia. NATO’s backing of Nazis in Ukraine is a debacle, with Ukrainian forces being heavily defeated by Russia’s overwhelming military advantage. Moreover, the attempted regime change operation on Russia via Western economic sanctions has only produced its opposite – the strengthening of the Ruble to its highest level in seven years against the US Dollar and the Euro.[5] The sanctions have also accelerated food shortages and steep price rises for fuel and utilities such as gas and electricity for working people in most Western countries.

One very strong indicator that the knee-jerk protests in the West in response to June 24 are not about what they claim, is the fawning coverage of them by the Western corporate media. In Australia, the corporate media glowed about pro-choice protestors “braving the rain” to turn out with a few hundred or a few thousand people.[6] This, when this same media studiously ignored, or vastly downplayed, hundreds of thousands repeatedly marching in freedom protests against Covid vaccine mandates!! As some have noted, there seems to be a determined campaign to violently divide US society, even to the point of civil war. From Black Lives Matter to January 6 to the 2nd Amendment to Roe vs Wade[7], people are being prodded and poked as if to maintain a permanent state of outrage. Arguably, this could be being carried out because the US ruling class currently cannot completely rely on the Republicans to fullyimplement ongoing Covid repression and an obviously foundering proxy war in Ukraine.

The Covid left can claim that they don’t care about the Democrats’ election fortunes, and this may be the case. Yet they are now being used by the ruling class for “abortion rights” in the same way they were used to enforce non-scientific absurdities and horrific capitalist state repression in the name of a questionable coronavirus. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, nor their hangers on, have any solutions to their war, “pandemic” repression, an out-of-control cost of living, housing stress and environmental collapse. The ruling class is well prepared to sacrifice some women’s reproductive rights to achieve other overarching goals – the maintenance of the political rule of monopoly finance capital.

Abortion should be a legal health procedure – on this there should be no doubt. Yet this universal achievement is now bound up with the planetary resistance to Covid bio-fascism and the potential of an unthinkable nuclear war launched by imperialism against the non-imperialist bloc led by Russia and China. Working people should take heart that impending catastrophes can be avoided if they are able to forge internationally linked Marxist vanguard parties which can illuminate the path out of capitalist darkness and towards a shared destiny of publicly owned and planned economies.



E: workersleague@redfireonline.com

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Photo credit: http://www.currently.att.yahoo.com

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