Myanmar: “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists Run Riot

myanmar firefight

Above: Aftermath of the attack by “anti-coup” terrorists on the military in Mo So Village on Christmas Eve. Image from http://www.simplyinvestasia

02-01-2022: The corporate media headlines flashed brightly but briefly. “Christmas Eve Massacre” in Myanmar, they shouted. The allegedly tyrannical military of Myanmar (Tatmadaw) slaughtered 35 people, including 4 children, they claimed.[1] Western mainstream media whipped up a frenzy, strongly implying that this was an unprovoked attack on innocent civilians. What evidence was provided for this contention? Zero. In fact, even the corporate media reports – but not the headlines – themselves admitted that the massacre was an unverified claim of some “human rights” groups. Some of the reports even admitted that some of the victims had fled fighting between “armed resistance groups” and the Tatmadaw.[2] In other words, it was a firefight rather than a broadside dealt out by one force. A day later, reports of a “massacre” suspiciously started to vanish from most internet news feeds – a sure sign that something very rotten is being stirred against Myanmar.

What is Save the Children?

The incident took place in Mo So village, 70 miles east of Naypidaw, Myanmar’s capital. Save the Children’s Inger Ashing claimed that two of their staffers were caught up in the skirmish and were now missing. Grandiloquently, Ashing stated “Save the Children condemns this attack as a breach of International Humanitarian Law. We are horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff, who are dedicated humanitarians, supporting millions of children in need across Myanmar.”[3] When questioned, Ashing did not provide names for the two Save the Children staff who are allegedly missing, nor did he fully confirm that the organisation was now searching for them. In other words, the statement of Save the Children is fallacious, and every word of plaintive appeal to the “international community” to “save Myanmar” drips with hypocrisy.

What really occurred in Mo So was not a “massacre” by the Tatmadaw at all. Members of one of the armed ethnic separatist groups waging war against the central government of Myanmar, associated with the so-called Karenni National Progressive Party, drove into the village. They then opened fire on the security forces after refusing to stop.[4] In the context of a year long campaign of ultra-violent attacks on the central government and any civilians deemed to be associated in some way, the Tatmadaw understandably returned fire – protecting other civilians from further violence in the process. What is occurring in Myanmar is in fact a terrorist war of regime change, funded and orchestrated by the governments of the United States of America (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) as part of a proxy war against the neighbouring People’s Republic of China (PRC). There are visible parallels with the West’s proxy wars against Libya and Syria.[5] Save the Children, for their part, are both covertly and overtly a combatant in this dirty war. While they may pose as a “charity organisation”, they in fact provide on the ground assistance to bloodthirsty cutthroats absurdly described as being “pro-democracy”.

Imperialism uses various methods to conduct its murderous foreign policy. In Syria, it created ISIS and continued to fund and arm Al Qaeda in efforts to collapse the state. In Myanmar, it surreptitiously arms ethnic separatist armies, as well as an entirely fake “democracy” movement. Save the Children is a vital cog in the machine of scorched earth war directed from London and Washington. In Syria, Save the Children used the cover of help for children to funnel supplies to the areas of Syria where ISIS and Al Qaeda were operating.[6] In Lebanon, Save the Children again work with imperialist backed forces under utterly fraudulent rhetoric,[7] while seeking a regime change directed against Hezbollah.

Save the Children disingenuously operate some second-hand clothing stores to give the impression that it is really a charity. Unsuspecting people buy used goods from Save the Children stores unaware that Save the Children is in fact a multi-million dollar false front operation. Save the Children is so dishonest it is difficult to know where to start exposing them. For starters, million-dollar donors to Save the Children include some of the wealthiest capitalist corporations on the planet, such as: American Express, Bank of America, Cargill, Sony, Target and the notorious “vampire squid” financiers Black Rock.[8] Black Rock is a multinational investment management firm based in Manhattan, New York, and is the worlds largest asset manager, holding 9.5 trillion dollars’ worth of assets.[9] With backers like these, the sales of second-hand clothing by some Save the Children outlets is transparently deceitful. Politically, Save the Children and other “human rights” organisations in Myanmar are used to disguise the blatant and deadly foreign interference from London and Washington.

NUG/PDF/CRPH/CDM are fake fronts

Myanmar’s State Administration Council (the authority which took over on February 1 to prevent total control being seized by the US/UK backed National League for Democracy) has unfortunately taken on the imperialist narrative on Covid, and have played up to the fake “pandemic”.[10] This is yet another example that not even genuflecting to the West on the Covid fraud will prevent Washington and London from targeting you for regime change. In fact, no sooner had the Tatmadaw indicated that it would finally put somewhat of a stop to foreign funded subversion, Washington and London directed their minions to establish entirely fake “government” bodies posing as an authority in exile. The so-called “National Unity Government” (NUG), the “People’s Defence Forces” (PDF), the “Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw” (CRPH) and the “Civil Disobedience Movement” (CDM) would not and could not exist without political, diplomatic and financial backing from the highest levels of the British and American federal governments.

For example, the UK government did not hide the fact that its parliament passed “The Myanmar (Sanctions) Regulations 2021”.[11] Amongst other things, this UK legislation targets three main entities in Myanmar for sanctions – the State Administration Council, the Myanmar Timber Enterprise and the Myanmar Pearl Enterprise.[12]  Both the Myanmar Timber Enterprise and the Myanmar Pearl Enterprise are state owned. This is a barely concealed attempt to disable the elements of the Myanmar central government which is independent of imperialist control, and which thereby protects the remaining elements of Myanmar’s national sovereignty. Whatever opinion we may have of the actions of the Tatmadaw historically, the fact remains that its actions on February 1 were taken in defence of Myanmar’s right to independence, including its right to engage in mutually beneficially trade and investment with the PRC. British imperialism demonstrates contempt for that concept, as it along with the European Union (EU) and the US, is being surpassed economically by the PRC’s predominantly state owned and planned economy – and its subsequent offer of mutually beneficial joint development to Myanmar and other South East Asian nations.

The US deep state only partially conceals its numerous threads to the “pro-democracy opposition” in Myanmar. Zin Mar Aung, the “Foreign Affairs Minister” of the NUG was awarded the Woman of Courage Award in 2012 – by the then US Secretary of State! Her own bio on the NUG website even states explicitly that she is a Fellow of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).[13]  Needless to say the NED is the specialist regime change arm of the CIA – it works on global regime change operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To supplement the covert destablisation of Myanmar, the US government has passed multiple acts which apply crippling sanctions. For example, in April, the US government applied sanctions to the Myanmar Gems Enterprise, another of Myanmar’s state-owned enterprises.[14] Both the UK and the US governments thus target any independent source of income for Myanmar, aiming to bring the country to its knees rather than allow it some semblance of development through co-operation with the PRC.

The CRPH, according to its own admission, is a self-declared (in reality, declared with the support of the US and the UK governments) government in exile, mainly composed of members of the National League for Democracy (NLD)[15] – which has been funded by Western governments for decades. The NLD has been financially backed by the US state department via Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and billionaire anti-socialist regime change financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundation dating back to the 1980s.[16] Htin Lin Aung was named as the CRPH’s representative for international relations on February 22. Where does Htin Lin Aung live? In the state of Maryland, USA. He participated in the 1996 and 1998 student demonstrations against the government, as well as the “Saffron Revolution” in 2007[17], and then evidently fled to the US on pain of arrest. On the same day, the CRPH’s office for international relations was established – in Maryland! So pro-US exiles, living in the US, are leading a “struggle for democracy” in Myanmar? To ask this question is to expose the set up.

Dr Sa Sa is the CRPH’s Special Envoy to the United Nations (UN). Who is Dr Sa Sa? It is claimed that he founded “Health and Hope” in Mizoram, “Burma”.[18] Burma is the old British colonial name for Myanmar. In fact, Mizoram is a state in India, which borders Myanmar.[19] Health and Hope UK admit that Health and Hope in Mizoram has had to close down its operations since February 1.[20] In other words, the Tatmadaw has seen through the operations of the UK government in using the cover of charity and health work to assist ethnic separatist militia on the ground wage a regime change war against the central government, even from across the border in India. Its “medical support to remote communities” is little but a facade. With the patron of Health and Hope being the Prince of Wales, it is not difficult to see the underhanded destabilisation taking place.

“Pro-democracy” terrorists slaughter innocent civilians

The Western corporate press wails about an alleged attack on Christmas Eve (which was actually launched by the Western backed “opposition”), yet on Christmas Day so-called “pro-democracy” terrorists bombed two primary schools in the Pauk Township of Magway Region. The bomb which was hurled at the primary school in Aungtawmu Ward blew out 10 ceiling sheets and 20 windows. Luckily, the home-made PVC pipe bomb which was discovered just outside the primary school in Aungchantha Ward did not detonate and was deactivated.[21] PDF terrorists (and their actions are the literal definition of terrorism) caused mayhem in the Mogok Township of Mandalay Region from September through to December. During this period the PDF conducted four bombings and nine executions, resulting in the deaths of 14 government employees and civilians.[22] Yet this is not all – the main suspects the police are tracking are Naing Ngan Kyaw and Sein Tun Lin. These two are both former NLD Members of Parliament for the township of Mogok!  Even weddings are not off limits for the terrorist campaign. In June in Yangon, a wedding party was targeted because it was suspected that the groom was a military informant. A bomb, disguised as a gift, exploded and killed four people, including the bride.[23]

Even though the term “terrorist” is often misused, it aptly describes the activity of the “anti-coup opposition” in Myanmar. Just as the war on Syria was a barbaric terrorist proxy war of the US and their allies against Russia, the war on Myanmar is likewise a murderous terrorist proxy war of the US and their allies against China (PRC). With the Myanmar “opposition” now carrying out deadly terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and anyone remotely associated with the government, it is beyond ludicrous to begin to describe the “anti-coup opposition” as “pro-democracy”. It is evidently a diabolical attempt by imperialism to bring down the state of Myanmar in collaboration with a small minority of unhinged individuals who have been thoroughly brainwashed by the decades-long operation of US and UK based fake NGOs. The transparent aim is to prevent Myanmar-PRC co-operation, and to derail the huge economic opportunities only the PRC’s vast and still expanding socialist economy can offer.

Only the expansion of socialism throughout Asia and internationally can chart a path forward. This requires proletarian political revolutions in China, Vietnam and Laos, combined with socialist revolutions in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and so on. Imperialism will not stop its global meddling and its attempts to overthrow the PRC until it is itself overthrown. Yet the PRC is currently headed by a nationalist and conservative caste which attempts to maintain an impossible international status quo. The workers of China, Myanmar and Australasia must be united in a joint struggle for freedom from the ever-present threat of imperialist subterfuge and war. Key to this is the forging of Marxist vanguard parties which defend Permanent Revolution, to help build regionally integrated and planned economies based on common ownership of the major means of production, distribution and exchange.



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