The Fable of “Russian Imperialism”

10-04-2022: The launch of Russia’s Operation Z in Ukraine in February has once again raised the hoary old chestnut of alleged “Russian Imperialism”. According to this claim, the Russian Federation today is an imperialist power, which competes against other imperialist powers in Europe and the United States for world domination – and its “war” in Ukraine is the prime example. Never mind that Russia’s intervention … Continue reading The Fable of “Russian Imperialism”

The [anti-communist] Shibboleths that Purport to Unite Us

By Thomas Buddenbrook Recently I’ve heard from speakers and new acquaintances in the medical freedom movement which, to be perfectly frank, I find incredibly annoying. Under the guise of bringing us all together, these shibboleths threaten to divide and to paralyze our movement.  These divisive shibboleths include the following. Much of them rely upon the ideology of anti-communism. So for a change from the usual … Continue reading The [anti-communist] Shibboleths that Purport to Unite Us

“Rain Bomb” Hits Australia’s East Coast 02-03-2022: As the corporate media narrative suspiciously switches from one fake bogeyman (Covid) to another (Russia), Australia’s East Coast has been swamped by a real threat which is already taking lives – extreme climate change. Over the last weekend in February, 1.5 metres of rain fell over three days, mostly around Brisbane and South East Queensland (QLD), in what was dubbed a “Rain Bomb”. … Continue reading “Rain Bomb” Hits Australia’s East Coast

Russia Foils NATO With Recognition of the Donbass 24-02-2022: Snookering the relentlessly hostile provocations of Washington the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Russian President Vladimir Putin signed two decrees on February 21 which recognised the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) – collectively known as the Donbass. In the presence of the leaders of the DPR (Denis Pushilin) and the LPR (Leonid Pasechnik), he also signed the Treaty … Continue reading Russia Foils NATO With Recognition of the Donbass

BlackRock ve Vanguard Group: Kovid Gezegeninin Sahibi Kim?

Ocak 22, 2022 21-01-2022: Özgürlük hareketinin bileşenlerinin farklı görüş ve felsefi bakış açılarına rağmen, onların çoğu, Kovid “pandemisinin” büyük ölçüde hem siyasi baskı hem de tarihin en büyük servet transferlerinden biri için retorik ve ideolojik bir kılıf olduğu konusunda hemfikir olacaktır. Sadece 2020 boyunca, dünyada milyarderlerin toplam serveti 10.2 Trilyon Dolara yükselirken, milyonlarca işçi ekmeğinden oldu. [1] Peki Kovid gündemini kim yönlendiriyordu? Bazıları, bütün bunların … Continue reading BlackRock ve Vanguard Group: Kovid Gezegeninin Sahibi Kim?

Kazakhstan: “Colour Revolution” Riots Explode

Above: The Mayor’s Office Building in Almaty was torched by rioters in early January. 08-01-2022: Never believe anything until it is officially denied, so goes the axiom. This cannot be more apt when viewing the current situation in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. When asked in a press briefing if the United States (US) government was behind the violence sweeping Kazakhstan in line … Continue reading Kazakhstan: “Colour Revolution” Riots Explode

Myanmar: “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists Run Riot

Above: Aftermath of the attack by “anti-coup” terrorists on the military in Mo So Village on Christmas Eve. Image from http://www.simplyinvestasia 02-01-2022: The corporate media headlines flashed brightly but briefly. “Christmas Eve Massacre” in Myanmar, they shouted. The allegedly tyrannical military of Myanmar (Tatmadaw) slaughtered 35 people, including 4 children, they claimed.[1] Western mainstream media whipped up a frenzy, strongly implying that this was an … Continue reading Myanmar: “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists Run Riot

The SEP in the Covid Era: A Post-Mortem

By Thomas Buddenbrook A. The Heritage We (No Longer) Defend. “Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls. It Tolls for Thee” — John Donne. The history of the revolutionary socialist movement has been periodically punctuated by crises, during which a good number of socialist leaders swing over to the side of imperialism. All the while, they still claim to support the furtherance of socialism. This … Continue reading The SEP in the Covid Era: A Post-Mortem

End Vaccine Genocide! 27-12-2021: The numbers are piling up. Those suffering an adverse reaction to any of the Covid-19 vaccines, from sickness through to outright death, should at the least serve as a deadly warning to humanity. Whether the Covid-19 shots are referred to as vaccines or injections (as the “vaccine” does not confer immunity to “Covid” at all), what is occurring is arguably history’s most diabolical … Continue reading End Vaccine Genocide!

Bureaucratism in the Turkish WSP of “International Socialist League”

Aralık 14, 2021 1. New members are thrown in front of the police under the name of “revolutionary activity”. Members who are sent to sell newspapers, open tables and participate in protests, face the police many times and are flagged. Secret organization, all kinds of clendestine work, contrary to what Lenin formulated in his book “What is To Be Done?”, are completely rejected. As a … Continue reading Bureaucratism in the Turkish WSP of “International Socialist League”