Non à la Guerre de l’OTAN !

Ci-dessus : une partie des conséquences du sabotage à l’explosif effectué contre les pipelines sous-marins de Nordstream. 29-09-2022: Le monde est aujourd’hui plus proche d’une anéantissement nucléaire qu’à tout autre moment de l’histoire. La responsabilité de cette catastrophe imminente est entièrement celle de l’Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (OTAN), l’alliance militaire anti-Russe de l’Occident collectif. Le Secrétaire Général de l’OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg, n’a en pratique … Continue reading Non à la Guerre de l’OTAN !

Afghanistan: Hazara Subterfuge Fuelled by Washington

17-10-2022: The September 30 bombing of the Kaaj Education Centre in the Afghan capital Kabul[1] has triggered a wave of protests worldwide. The attack, which took the lives of at least 43 students and wounded 83 more, pushed the “StopHazaraGenocide” hashtag on Twitter to one million tweets on October 3.[2] Further, days later, another explosion in a predominantly Hazara district in Kabul was reported. The … Continue reading Afghanistan: Hazara Subterfuge Fuelled by Washington

Weg Met NAVO’s Oorlog!

Boven: gevolg van de explosieve sabotage uitgevoerd op de onderwater gelegen Nordstream-pijpleidingen. 30-09-2022: De wereld bevind zich inmiddels dichter op de grens van nucleaire vernietiging dan op enig ander moment in de geschiedenis. De verantwoordelijkheid voor deze dreigende catastrofe ligt volledig bij de Noord-Atlantische VerdragsOrganisatie (NAVO), wat is een anti-Russische militair bondgenootschap van het collectieve Westen. NAVO-Secretaris-Generaal Jens Stoltenberg bezit in de werkelijkheid der praktijk … Continue reading Weg Met NAVO’s Oorlog!

DPRK Fends Off US War Games

10-10-2022: Devoid of context, an observer might assume that the missile launch recently enacted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or “North Korea”) which was lofted over Japan was yet another example of a “rogue regime” threatening its otherwise peaceful neighbours. In context, however, this missile launch along with every other one the DPRK has conducted this year is a rational response to … Continue reading DPRK Fends Off US War Games

Sean Turnell’s Vandalism in Myanmar

Above: Sean Turnell (at right) alongside billionaire shopping centre magnate Frank Lowy, founder of the neo-conservative think tank the Lowy Institute, and Aung Sung Suu Kyi. 06-10-2022: If we were to believe the corporate media, Australian academic Sean Turnell is an innocent political prisoner being detained by an illegitimate and tyrannical military junta which reversed democratic elections in Myanmar. Like much other reporting from the … Continue reading Sean Turnell’s Vandalism in Myanmar

No to NATO’s War!

Above: Part of the aftermath of the explosive sabotage carried out against the underwater Nordstream pipelines. 29-09-2022: The world stands closer to nuclear annihilation today than at any other time in history. The responsibility for this impending catastrophe lies entirely with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the anti-Russia military alliance of the collective West. NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg in practice has no authority … Continue reading No to NATO’s War!

Iran: Western Sabotage in the Name of “Women’s Rights”

Above: Mass funeral procession in the Iranian city of Mashhad for two security officers slain by rioters capitalising on the passing of Mahsa Amini. 25-09-2022: On September 13 in Tehran, 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini was taken into police custody for wearing a hijab which was deemed “inappropriate”. Unfortunately, she collapsed into a coma and later died, which triggered protests in the Iranian capital … Continue reading Iran: Western Sabotage in the Name of “Women’s Rights”

Charles III : Not My King!

20-09-2022: The ascension of the Charles III to the throne in England after the death of Queen Elizabeth II presents Australian workers with an anachronistic folly. Constitutionally, Charles as King will be installed as the head of state. While it is true that this is largely a titular role, the King as head of the constitutional monarchy of Australia does have the power to dismiss … Continue reading Charles III : Not My King!

US Hands Off Taiwan!

11-08-2022: The US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent “visit” to Taiwan was nothing short of a reckless provocation. Under the cover of darkness, and with an escort of military aircraft[1], the third highest ranking US politician touched down in Taipei on August 2. The delegation was preceded by the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group which includes a guided … Continue reading US Hands Off Taiwan!

The Latest Cold War: BRICS + vs NATO/G7

18-07-2022: For the first time, there was no joint photo of the respective foreign ministers of the G20 Summit held this year in Bali, Indonesia. Foreign ministers from the West refused to be photographed with Russia’s Foreign Minister[1], Sergei Lavrov, over Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Yet the West was not calling the shots, by any means. There was no joint communique issuing from … Continue reading The Latest Cold War: BRICS + vs NATO/G7