End Vaccine Genocide!

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27-12-2021: The numbers are piling up. Those suffering an adverse reaction to any of the Covid-19 vaccines, from sickness through to outright death, should at the least serve as a deadly warning to humanity. Whether the Covid-19 shots are referred to as vaccines or injections (as the “vaccine” does not confer immunity to “Covid” at all), what is occurring is arguably history’s most diabolical stratagem. Under the guise of an alleged “pandemic”, Western governments are virtually forcing whole sections of the working class to subject themselves to an injection which could injure, maim or kill them any time in the 10 years after being subjected to a syringe. While some may survive without any immediate ill effects, their immune systems may also be progressively degraded so as to leave them with little or no defence from any future cold, flu or other viruses. Researchers have found that the spike protein contained in Covid vaccines blocks the production of enzymes needed for DNA repair.[1] In other words, the Covid vaccine disables your immune system over time, leaving you vulnerable to any number of ailments that your body would usually deal with.

Alarming figures

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website lists 704 deaths and over 91 000 adverse events after the injection of a Covid vaccine, as of December 2021.[2]  In the USA, the Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System (VAERS) database is deliberately made difficult to find information. As a result, some have created OpenVAERS to make the data easily searchable. OpenVAERS found that by December 10th of 2021, there were over 20 000 deaths and more than 400 000 adverse events recorded after the administration of the Covid vaccine.[3] The adverse events included hospitalisations, Bells Palsy, miscarriages, heart attacks and permanent disabilities. In the countries of the European Union (EU), figures to the end of July 31, 2021 indicate that there were over 20 000 dead and in excess of 1.9 million injured (50% of them seriously) after the taking of the two mRNA Covid vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) and the two non-mRNA Covid vaccines (Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson).[4]

While it is the case that a death recorded after a Covid vaccine may not be directly related to it, the sheer weight of statistics suggests that the overwhelming majority of adverse reactions can scarcely be attributed to anything else. In addition, it is estimated that only between 1% and a maximum of 10% of adverse vaccine reactions are ever recorded. This is largely due to the paperwork for an adverse vaccine related event having to be compiled and submitted by doctors and/or medical staff along with the unfortunate patient and/or their partners, relatives or friends. So, the actual number of adverse events emanating from the process of people taking Covid shots is likely to be ten times higher than the figures that can be referenced. If this is so, we are potentially talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions of injuries and deaths via the process of the Covid vaccines. There can be no doubt that the vaccines are exponentially more dangerous than “Covid” – assuming it even exists.

The fittest succumb

Lest anyone suggest that the more physically robust amongst us will be able to deal with the side effects of the Covid vaccines, a glance at the list of sports players struck down should give pause for thought. A slew of professional footballers, tennis players, skaters, volleyball players, golfers, hockey players and cyclists have collapsed on the playing field – with many of them passing away soon after.[5] Professional athletes are likely to be the fittest people in the human community, yet some of them are fainting and later dying after taking the Covid shots. Many of them are in their teenage years, their 20s or their 30s – the prime time of peak physical condition.[6] Soccer (football) is a sport which requires supreme aerobic fitness, and yet a shocking statistic found that there has been a 278% increase in heart attacks among soccer players in 2021.[7] Again, while it is true that not all of this increase can be directly linked to the Covid injections, it is not plausible to suggest that this is just coincidence, or that another “mystery” illness is causing these athletes to crumble.

Some survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, their children and grandchildren, have issued an open letter to the health regulatory authorities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), the EU and New Zealand. In it, they call for a halt to the “Covid Holocaust” and an immediate end to this “ungodly experiment on humankind”.[8] Needless to say, the word of survivors of Nazi concentration camps should be redoubtable. Further, the rollout of the Covid vaccine program for children as young as 5 years old should ring the loudest of alarm bells. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US authorised the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds on October 29.[9] It is long past time to call a spade a spade – the Covid vaccine rollout is a genocide.

Many working people, understandably, struggle to comprehend the apocalyptic horror conveyed by such a statement. Yet they must grapple with the fact that they are the targets of the genocide. Long ago, Karl Marx wrote that capitalism cannot but produce its own gravedigger – the proletariat. The world bourgeoisie, then, is using the cover of a fake pandemic to induce the largest economic depression in history – as capital has no chance of a “re-set” without one. Hence, the imperialists are using “Covid” to both throw millions of workers out of employment (via workplace vaccine mandates) and to carry the physical extermination of millions of others. Now more than ever, its them or us.

The good news for workers is that the largest political movement in history confronts its perpetrators – the freedom movement. As brave and heroic as the freedom movement has been thus far, it must become more political and more pro-working class. Only a workers’ revolution can overcome a capitalism in its death throes, and thus Leninist-Trotskyist vanguard parties – linked internationally – must be forged as a matter of urgency. The age of socialism must arise.



E: workersleague@redfireonline.com

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2 thoughts on “End Vaccine Genocide!

  1. i have said from 2019 that this is a genocide in line with the holocaust plans of the 3rd reich and its planned parenthood eugenecists such as Gates. I have seen redfire over these years but apologise for not reading it more thoroughly…your analysis is spot on in all the posts i have read this morning culminating in the international cull against the working classes


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