Abolish Vaccine Mandates! Defend the CFMEU Rank and File (Statement of the Workers League)

cfmeu no vax protest

Above: Construction workers protest outside the CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne against Covid vaccine mandates. Image from http://www.abc.net.au

25-09-2021: After more than 18 months of lockdown hell, rank and file members of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) in the Australian state of Victoria are waging a pitch battle not only for their jobs, but for their very lives. In the wake of Worldwide Rallies for Freedom against Covid repression which took place on September 18, rank and file CFMEU members gathered outside their Union’s Melbourne headquarters on September 20 demanding their officials reject the oppressive Covid vaccine mandate for the construction industry – “no jab no work”. These workers are right to be furious with their so-called leaders, including Secretary John Setka, who have allied themselves with “Dictator Dan” Andrews Labor Party state government. This entity has arguably imposed the harshest and most severe lockdowns anywhere in the world, which have driven the state economy into the ground, and inflicted limitless psychological harm to its population. This pain has had the most impact on the working class, who have lost countless jobs while effectively being subject to house arrest.

Pandemic fraud

There is not now, and never was, a “pandemic”. The very existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is disputed, given the fact that no laboratory anywhere has ever obtained an isolated and purified sample. If SARS-CoV-2 does not exist, there cannot be a disease called “Covid-19”. If SARS-CoV-2 does exist, it is likely to be just one of the coronaviruses which cause cold and flu every winter. Therefore, there is no scientific or medical justification for ANY “Covid restrictions”, be they lockdowns, social-distancing, facemasks, state and national border closures, travel restrictions and so on. The PCR test cannot detect a live active virus, nor can it diagnose any human with anything. A positive PCR test does not mean you “have Covid” – given that paw paws, lemons, Coca-Cola and engine oil can also test positive. No one can be a “case” if they have no symptoms and feel 100% healthy. Covid-19 is a mountain of lies so vast it has undermined the very concept of science.

The war on Covid is in reality a form of fascism. The extreme police state repression in Australia and to varying degrees in New Zealand, Europe and the USA can hardly be described otherwise. Fascism is not a separate system contained within itself; it is but a continuation of capitalism when it has reached a stage of extreme crisis. At a certain stage, liberal democracy becomes an impediment to private production for private profit using socialised labour.  All forms of fascism are ultimately aimed at drastically reducing the cost of labour power (wages) to the absolute minimum. The beneficiaries are finance capital, and those who slavishly serve the government – including treacherous Union officials such as the cabal heading the Victorian CFMEU and the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions). These “Unionists” portray themselves as pro-working class, militant, progressive and “left-wing”. This is plainly absurd. Union officials backing any form of lockdown fascism cannot claim to have a left-wing bone in their body. Lockdown fascism has the aim of driving down wages and conditions by hurling millions of workers out of employment and using police state measures to terrorise workers and intimidate the masses into submission under relentless waves of corporate media propaganda.

Workers’ fightback

The Victorian CFMEU rank and file are now bravely fighting back against the fascistic measures of the state government AND their own Union officials. No worker anywhere should have to face the prospect of taking an experimental and highly dangerous vaccine or losing their employment. The Covid “vaccines” are in fact injections with a potentially lethal substance. Vaccination is ordinarily about triggering an immune response in the body to prevent infection and transmission of a particular virus. The Covid “vaccines” do no such thing, as the data from Israel readily attests. What is more, tens of thousands have lost their lives in the days and weeks after taking the “Covid” shot. Anyone can look up the fatalities from the Covid injection – over 500 Australians, and over 13 000 Americans. And only a fraction of these end up being reported, so the real figures are likely to be astronomical.

“No Jab No work” is patently not about protecting anyone from anything. It is yet another tactic the ruling class is using to throw millions of workers onto the unemployment scrap heap. Meanwhile capital itself makes money by cutting its payroll and investing elsewhere OR benefitting from the extreme downward pressure on wages and conditions across the entire workforce. The forcible creation of unemployment creates a mass of workers thrown into desperate circumstances, and Dictator Dan has already indicated that the Victorian economy will only reopen for the vaccinated!  With vaccine mandates spreading across whole industries, workers who lose their jobs to a vaccine mandate may find it more difficult to find work elsewhere. Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports intentionally creates vaccine apartheid.

Workers internationally need to extend all available solidarity to the Victorian CFMEU rank and file. They are arguably fighting the most important industrial battle ever fought. They are fighting for their lives, for the Covid vaccine could very well extinguish that – and for all workers facing vaccine mandates. The right to work is vital, but the right NOT to be injected with a potentially lethal toxin to remain in employment is the most fundamental right of all. ACTU head Sally McManus and CFMEU Secretary John Setka have a material interest in defending a bloodthirsty ruling class clinging to power, in the form of highly paid positions with comfortable retirement plans IF they suppress “their own” Union members. The entire Union bureaucracy must be swept away by a rank and file upsurge, and their place taken by class struggle militants sworn to defend working people against unhinged employers and governments.

The task of replacing perfidious Union officials with genuine defenders of the working class is bound up with the forging of a Marxist vanguard party. While the anti-lockdown movement is heroically waging a protest movement which is somewhat holding the ruling class in check, the absence of an anti-lockdown workers party is leaving many at the mercy of runaway totalitarianism. Such a unit can be built in the process of raising the demand for the abolition of all vaccine mandates so that no worker ever faces the horror “choice” of their livelihood or taking a potentially lethal injection. In addition, workers should demand a six-hour workday, to vastly improve workers’ lives and address widespread unemployment. A better world, free from lockdown and vaccine terror, is on offer if the old world is toppled and replaced by a publicly owned and planned economy where those who labour will rule.



E: workersleague@redfireonline.com

One thought on “Abolish Vaccine Mandates! Defend the CFMEU Rank and File (Statement of the Workers League)

  1. I think I’ve always been this way, and I’m grateful: unable to accept propaganda. Toxic joiners. Toxic Marxists. I have and always will think for myself, encouraging others to do so, and also embracing the U.S. Constitution and freedom with real responsibility. **Here’s something to consider, that those who can’t think for themselves never considered: Natural immunity. Some people don’t get sick, or at least, not easily. I have never (After leaving home.) gotten the flu shot, and never got the flu, except when I got the flu shot. This Covid thing has been out what… two years, and none of my friend or I have gotten sick beyond a few days of sniffles, coughs, and body aches. So, why would we get a vaccine for a virus we’re immune to? This is more for readers who read articles but think for themselves, unable to be propagandized because of that very important and wonderful aspect of ourselves that truly understands. **The more they cry out in anger, pointing fingers, the more we will think for ourselves, see the true intents of control, and encourage others to never give in to toxic conformity.


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